Date: 18th November 2017


Kenny Williams defeated El Ligero
Rating: ***1/2

Viper & Kasey vs Katie Forbes & Kay Lee Ray Match thrown out.
Rating: **

Filthy Generation defeated Kinky Party & Jody Fleisch
Rating: ****

Carlos Valderrama Invitational Battle Royal
Winner: DCT
Rating: **

Ravie Davie defeated Bram
Rating: ****1/2

The Fite Network defeated The Purge
Rating: ***1/2

Iysten Rees defeated Aaron Echo
Rating: ***

Eight Man Tag Team match
BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Lionheart & Rob Van Dam defeated Joe Coffey, Mikey Whiplash, Bram & Zack Gibson
Rating: ****

Best Male Wrestler
Ravie Davie

Best Female Wrestler

Best Team
The Filthy Generation

Best Match
Ravie Davie vs Bram

This match for the most part was ludicrously brilliant some of it was hard to watch while other parts where some of the most entertaining content I have seen on a wrestling show for a while now. Williams and Ligero has a very good opening match, it was hard not to take my eyes off of Katie Forbes and her Assets for the whole of the Tag Match, the whole Carlos Valderrama Battle Royal was a complete cluster but still very entertaining, Ravie Davie stole the show with the Diving Blockbuster from the balcony but it was hard to watch Bram smash his head in with a steel chair on the outside when Davie was laying on the hard floor. Davie is incredible and has the potential to be great but sometimes the punishment he takes is not only dangerous but unnecessary. The tag match between The Purge and The Fite Network was good and I enjoyed the match between Rees and Echo the main event was okay and a nice way to lead into Fear and Loathing. There was also the return of Carmel Jacob, Joe Hendry physically abusing two fans and a bloody contract signing for The King Of Insanity Match.



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