Progress Wrestling Chapter 57: Enter Smiling



Jack Sexsmith & Matt Riddle defeated Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins w/ Vicky Haskins
Rating: ****

Joe Coffey defeated Doug Williams
Rating: ***1/2

Number One Contender Four Way Match
Alex Windsor defeated Jinny, Dahlia Black and Candyfloss
Rating: ***1/2

British Strong Style defeated Grizzled Young Veterans and Joseph Conners via DQ
Rating: ****

PROGRESS Tag Team Titles Match: #CCK (c) defeated Ringkampf
Rating: ****1/2

Keith Lee defeated Flash Morgan Webster
Rating: ****1/2

PROGRESS World Title Match:
Travis Banks (c) defeated Mark Andrews
Rating: ****

Best Male Wrestler
Flash Morgan Webster

Best Female Wrestler

Best Team

Best Match
Keith Lee vs Flash Morgan Webster

The last Chapter in Manchester this year definitely delivered another fantastic show. The mystery partner for Jack Sexsmith turned out to be The Super King Of Bros Matt Riddle and who better to try and seek some revenge against Progress’ own Triple H (Haskins, Havoc and Haskins) and collectively they are just as sadistic as their name sake. Yet again Sexsmith was the target for punishment after both he and Riddle put up a sterling effort but when Haskins got the upper hand of Riddle they tied his hands to the ring post and he was unable to help Jack from receiving more of the viscous onslaught until they finally put him out of his misery with a Super Kick/Acid Rainmaker combo. Haskins, Havoc and Haskins are proving to be quite the dominant force in Progress how much longer will it be before gold comes their way ? Joe Coffey and Doug Williams had a good classic hard hitting British Wrestling Match and while he lost Doug proved he is still one of the best to ever come from this country. I would definitely like to see a lot more of Joe Coffey in Progress as he seems to be done now with ICW I think him coming down to England to work with more and different companies would be great for everyone. I think he could be in line for an Atlas or even the Progress Championship in the very near future. This was one of the best Multi Women’s matches I have seen in some time. The ongoing rivalry between Dahlia and Jinny ultimately cost them both their chance at a title shot and while Alex Windsor was impressive and n victory it was Candyfloss that stole the spotlight in her debut Chapter Match. This young lady is seriously talented and was pulling off some unbelievable moves that she made look effortless she is definitely one to watch for the future. What started as a tag team match between Moustache Mountain and The Grizzled Young Veterans was changed to a Six Man Tag after Joseph Conners hit the ring and attacked Moustache Mountain this bought to everyone’s surprise Pete Dunne who joined his fellow British Strong Style team mates in an all out brawl that finished with a disqualification after Conners hit Dunne with a chair. While this was a very good exciting match the most entertaining part of it was Trent’s pre match grilling of James Drake about his appearance on WWE 205 Live (Choo Choo). But yet again Gibson and Drake a getting good heel heat and are another team that have the potential for big things next year. The tag division in Progress is stacked at the moment with some of the most talented teams I have seen in along time and the title match between #CCK and Ring Kampf was proof of that. This was so good I believe it is in line for being one of the best tag matches this year. Speaking of match of the year candidates Flash vs Lee has to be up there as well this was an amazing performance from both and even though he lost this did no damage to Flash as surely soon he will get a chance at the title after putting in a performance of this stature. The main event was good but overall n my opinion nowhere near as good as the match it had to follow and while it was an excellent match it just was not as good. Again this was another very entertaining show put on by Progress Wrestling they never disappoint and the on demand service is well worth the purchase as it’s great value for what you have to pay.



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