Retro Review: TNA Turning Point 2004


NWA World Tag Team Title Match
Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) (w/Scott D’Amore) defeated 3 Live Kru (BG James & Ron Killings) (c)

Rating: ***

Hector Garza, Sonjay Dutt & Sonny Siaki defeated Frankie Kazarian, Kid Kash & Michael Shane (w/Traci) Ray

Rating: ***

Serengeti Survival Match
Monty Brown defeated Abyss

Rating: ***1/2

Johnny B. Badd & Pat Kenney defeated The New York Connection (Glen Gilberti& Johnny Swinger) With Special Referee Jaqueline

Rating: *

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven

Rating: ****

TNA X-Division Title Match
Petey Williams (w/Scott D’Amore) (c) defeated Chris Sabin

Rating: *****

AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy & Randy Savage defeated The Kings Of Wrestling (Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

Rating: ***

Losing Team Must Split Up Six Sides Of Steel Cage Match
America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) defeated Triple X(Christopher Daniels & Primetime Elix Skipper)

Rating: *****

I really enjoyed going back and watching one of my favourite TNA PPVS. Apart from maybe the Six Man Tag every other match had either something on the line or a story behind it or in some cases both. It was cool seeing Roode and Young when they were just starting out and they both were showing signs that they would be two great performers one day. The Six Man Tag was a very good match but it felt like a filler match. I believed back then that Monty Brown and Abyss were two of the best big men in the business and this match more than proved it. The tag match between Badd and Kenny vs Disco and Swinger was awful and should never of been on this show. Luckily DDP and Raven put on a great match and turned the show around that was followed with one of the best X Division Matches EVER. It was hard to watch Hall and Nash limp around in those ridiculous Elvis outfits but thankfully this match had a young Phenomenal AJ Styles. The main event is not only the best main event match in the history of TNA but the best Tag Team Cage Match Ever in Wrestling history. Overall this was a great show and reminded me why I became a huge fan of TNA.


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