Progress Wrestling Chapter 58: Live Your Best Life

Chapter 58: Live Your Best Life

Show date: 26th November 2017

PROGRESS World Championship

Travis Banks (c) defeated Matt Riddle

Rating: ****

Havoc & Haskins with Haskins defeated M&M

Rating: ***

Eddie Dennis defeated Jack Sexsmith

Rating: ***1/2

No DQ, #1 Contender Match: Jinny defeated Dahlia Black

Rating: ***1/2

Timothy Thatcher defeated Strangler Davis

Rating: ***

Timothy Thatcher defeated Chris Ridgeway

Rating: ***

Joseph Conners defeated Flash Morgan Webster

Rating: ***1/2

PROGRESS Women’s Championship

Toni Storm (c) vs Alex Windsor

Rating: ***

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship

Grizzled Young Veterans defeated #CCK(c)

Rating: ****1/2

Best Male Wrestler

Zack Gibson

Best Female Wrestler


Best Team

Grizzled Young Veterans

Best Match

Grizzled Young Veterans vs #CCK

Another Chapter packed with shocks, surprises and plenty of quality action. While it was strange to have the Word Title match at the start of the show I’m positive they had a reason for its placement on the card. It’s probably something simple like either Riddle or Banks or both had another show to work at and as Progress shows start earlier than most others it is plausible that they would be able to make any other show on that day, then it could be because they wanted to get off to a hot start, which they did. Or maybe it had to do with what was in the main event and the shock that match delivered. But this was another fantastic title match and another impressive title defence by Banks to add to the growing list he has amassed since winning the belt. Havoc and Haskins made short work of Mills and Mathew who looked more like two sacrificial lambs being led to the slaughter which is pretty much what happened to the two exciting young prospects. The surprising heel turn from Eddie Dennis gained a lot more momentum as he not only defeated Jack Sexsmith but then began to batter him after the match until he was stopped by Travis Banks. There now looks like we will be seeing these two square off for the belt very soon. The No DQ Match was Jimmy’s best performance in my opinion to date. Both women pulled out all the stops to claim victory but it seemed they were both more concerned at causing serious harm to each other rather than becoming number one contender. The double victory for Thatcher was perfect to build him up for his inevitable title match with Walter but the more shocking moment came with the return of Rob Lynch to cost his former friend and Tag partner Davis his chance at an Atlas title shot. Flash lost yet again but it was against the very viscous Conners who is looking like he will be a top contender in Progress. Toni Storm was able to retain her title on n a decent contest against the very talented Alex Windsor. The massive shock of the show and the best moment was The Grizzled Young Veterans winning the tag team championship the silence and complete shock that fell over the Ballroom was amazing but this was a great match and I look forward to see what these two teams clash again in the very near future.


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