Here is my opinion on what happened this week with every WWE show worth watching.


Intercontinental Championship

Roman Reigns (c) defeated Jason Jordan

Rating: ***

Joe brawl with Reigns Jordan saves Roman from being choked out then Reigns hits Jordan with a Superman Punch.

Joe attacked Jordan in Angle’s office

Paige defeated Sasha Banks

Rating: ***

Drew Gulak defeated Tony Neese, Mustapha Ali and Cedric Alexander

Rating: ***

Asuka defeated Alicia Fox

Rating: **

Finn Balor defeated Bo Dallas with Curtis Axel

Rating: **

Bray Wyatt promo is interrupted by Woken Matt Hardy

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

The Bar (c) defeated The Shield

Rating: ***1/2


Kevin and Sami RKO to Owens Shane comes out

Rusev & Aiden English defeated New Day

Rating: **

Bludgeon Brothers squash two jobbers

Rating: *

Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode match stopped due to interference from Dolph Ziggler

Rating: **

Charlotte defeated Tamina

Rating: *1/2

Randy Orton defeated Sami Zayn

Rating: **1/2

Owens and Sami beat down Orton Nakamura makes the save

205 LIVE

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar

Rating: **

The Brian Kendrick defeated Gran Metalik

Rating: **

Rich Swann defeated Tony Neese

Rating: **1/2


Andrade Cien Almas and Selina Vega Promo

Killian Dain defeated Trent Seven

Rating: **1/2


Sonya Deville defeated Ruby Riott

Rating: **

Johnny Gargano defeated Kassius Ohno

Rating: ****

Best Male Wrestler

Johnny Gargano

Best Female Wrestler


Best Team

The Bar

Match Of The Week

Johnny Gargano vs Kassius Ohno

I felt as though this weeks Raw was far more eventful and enjoyable than last weeks episode. The majority of the in ring action was good with many of the matches helping with the direction they seem to be going in storyline wise. The only match I felt that was complete filler was Bo vs Finn and even that match wasn’t that bad. The highlights for me from this show had to be the unbelievable improvement and development of Jason Jordan. He has taken a gimmick/ story and has managed to get himself over when many so called “experts” said he didn’t stand a chance. I am looking forward to see this whiney heel character progress and maybe the final nail in the coffin will be revealing that he was never Kurt’s son and he only did it to Progress his own career. He did not look at all out of place in the spot he was going in but while it was blatantly obvious that he would not win the performance he gave was outstanding. The other highlight for me and I’m sure for many that watched the show was the perfectly produced video of Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy. If you have not seen it then I would suggest you do. Now while I loved everything about Broken Matt the one problem I do have is that Vince will not fully get the character and he will be severely shackled creatively. But let’s not compare yet, I am hoping the fantastic production team the WWE do have can turn this in to something special in its on way. But I’m sure with the gifted duo of Bray and Matt we are in for a Delightful Treat. Samoa Joe and Reigns is only going to end with Reigns going over and where will that leave Joe ? The group now known as Absolution apart from Paige are proving to be as green as the other three girls on Smackdown. At least they didn’t have a lot to do but it does make you ask the question “Who decides when they are ready to move from NXT to the main roster ?” It is clear to most that they are not ready and it seems they got five girls who were not doing anything important in NXT so they sent them up to fill up the female roster maybe for a rumoured Women’s Royal Rumble. However this retreating by Asuka again makes me think even more that she may join them. You have to feel for Elias, he put on a good performance last week against Reigns and seemed like he could be a future mid card champion but this week he was treated like a Jobber when he was fed to Strowman. As for Braun there is no point in his feud with the Kane. This could actually be very entertaining if they had any idea how to write a compelling television show but they don’t instead they just put them in matches with talented smaller wrestlers who have to job out to them and the only thing it does is hurt the people like Elias and Finn. Strowman is with out doubt the hottest act in the WWE and in my opinion he should be winning the Rumble and going on to Mania to win the title. The cruiserweight match was good but they are fighting for a shot at a title that none of them should win as they are nowhere near as entertaining as Enzo. I did enjoy the main event but I can’t see how many more matches they can do between these two teams as it’s starting to get a bit repetitive. I liked they carried on the rivalry between Joe and Reigns throughout the show and it had something to do with the outcome of this match and I’m sure now we will see a Six Man match with all the gold on the line. It was shocking that Smackdown was pretty much the same show as it has been for the last few weeks. It has revolved around the lame feud between Sami/Kevin and Shane that seems to just be going round in circles and we got another boring main event with Sami in a match with Orton yet again. Who cares about a tag match with Sami and Kevin going against Randy Orton and one of the hottest acts ever in NXT spectacularly turned into the most unimportant performer on the Smackdown roster Shinsuke Nakamura. How he is just a bit part in a pointless match on the last big show of the year proves no one on their creative team has a clue what to do with Nakamura. The only more baffling thing is that the show doesn’t revolve around the belt and the most talented performer they have in AJ Styles. I hope they don’t have him drop the belt back to Mahal who was going nowhere. Everybody wants to see Nakamura and Styles going one on one on the biggest stage, Wrestlemania. Another hot act they seem to be doing their best at making people not care about is Bobby Roode. Why they have added Dull Dolph Ziggler in the Match with Corbin and Roode for the U.S title. Every segment in this show that featured the females was a complete train wreck and showed that apart from maybe Charlotte and Natalya that none of them should be anywhere near the main roster. In fact I would be shocked if they were on NXT they need to develop mostly every skill needed to be considered a decent pro wrestler. 205 had three decent filler matches and it was not the worst show from WWE this week. I enjoy most characters on this show and think they have the chance to make it even better by adding a few more top names like Balor and hopefully they can persuade Neville to return and with Hideo coming up it could become a very strong roster with the potential for some great matches. The new NXT Champion started the show but I didn’t really understand what his point was that he was trying to get across. Dain and Seven had a good match it could of gone a bit longer but proved the UK talent is slowly taking over NXT. The battle of the green gals sucked most of the life out of this show but thank goodness for Johnny Wrestling and Ohno. The main event that featured these two was a match worthy of a much bigger stage than Full Sail. Both put together a fantastic hard hitting performance that is easily the best match I have seen this week.


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