Smackdown 9/1/18


The Show started with a horribly put together sit down interview in the middle of the ring with Renee Young interviewing  AJ Styles. Of course this terrible segment got worse as Sami and Kevin obviously interrupted and the drivel continued to spew out of their mouths boring me beyond belief. When finally it seemed like this could be over out came Shane to get himself over as all McMahons just love to do. He booked a pointless handicap match for the main event.


Becky Lynch defeated Ruby Riott

Match Rating: ⭐️

This was an awful match that proves my point even further that they do not have enough talented women ready to perform on a stage like the Royal Rumble and the match is going to suck.

The Bludgeon Brothers Squashed The Ascension

Match Rating: ⭐️

If both teams had been booked properly the moment they came up from NXT this could of been a great Tag Team feud it’s sad to see where both teams are now. But the one highlight was the finisher from The Bludgeon Brothers, I prefer the combined Sit Out Powerbomb they now are using to the lame one the used previously.

Quater Final U.S Championship Tournament

Mojo Rawley defeated Zack Ryder

Rating: ⭐️1/2

Another match that could of been so much better if it were not for the baffling booking/creative department. It was 2 months since these two split and they have done both with that story since then. Hopefully now at least it seems they are going to give Mojo some what of a push up to the mid card but I think he won’t be going past the semi final as he is facing Bobby Roode. From the beginning of this tournament you knew by who they put in it the two guys that would be in the final I am hoping I am surprised but it looks like we will be seeing Jinder Mahal vs Bobby Roode in the final at the Royal Rumble.

The promo from Benjamin and Gable would of been so much better as a backstage pre tape. They really should be able to stop and do a retake if it sucks and this sucked on all levels. But they are not the only ones that would benefit from not cutting promos in the ring but doing pre taped ones instead but hey that’s about 90%  Of the Roster. Well it’s going to be yet another match between The Usos vs Benjamin and Gable at the Rumble but it will be a Two out of Three Falls Match.

Breezango defeated Rusev Day

Match Rating: ⭐️

While I don’t really understand the whole Rusev Day gimmick I thought that they were starting to push them after the reactions they were getting from the fans but yet again WWE like to mess with fans and the performers this result here is proof of that.


3 On Two Handicap Tag Match

AJ Styles, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Match Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Another baffling match that left me asking two questions after Shane had restarted this pointless match:

1. Where did Owens and Styles go and what happened when they brawled to the back between them ?

2. Who were the heels and who were the good guys  in this one. Sami and Kevin were out numbered and screwed over by the guy in charge, sounds like they are the good guys in this one.

This show was bad ! The writing is awful, the talent are being held back and the shows are the same every week. The main story is what’s going on between Bryan and Shane, when a story between two non active performers is the main story on the show it is clear as to why the rest of the show seems pointless.




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