Triple H Misses Smackdown for Dinner Meeting With Ronda Rousey


Triple H is known to rarley if ever miss a Monday Night RAW or Smackdown Live TV tapings, but last night he did miss Smackdown.

TMZ reported today that Triple H actually flew out to Los Angeles yesterday and had a dinner meeting with UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. The TMZ video shows Triple H leaving a resturant between 8pm-8:30pm in a black SUV parted in an alley. Not long after Ronda Rousey is seen leaving the resturant with her manager/agent. When asked what she was there with Triple H for she just said she likes good food.

It’s no secret Rousey and the WWE have been in talks for her to work with them but we don’t know what this dinner was all about. Could it be about her working the Women’s Rumble and/or Wrestlemania ? We will have to wait and find out.


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