My Favourite Monday Night Raw

With the 25th Anniversary Show tonight I thought I would watch and review my personal favourite episode of Monday Night Raw.

Date: 26/4/99

This show was the night after Backlash 99 where Austin retained his title in a rematch against The Rock but that show is mostly remembered for the last scene where The Undertaker kidnaps Stephanie McMahon and we hear that unforgettable line “Where too Stephanie ? ”

So you have probably put the pieces together and have figured out what show I am about to talk about but if you have not this episode centred around the abduction of Stephanie and unholy marriage between her and The Undertaker.

The show started with Vince getting out of a Limo with Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco. Then they went straight to the ring and out came The People’s Champ The Rock. After what went down at Backlash The Rock puts the blame on to Shane McMahon. Shane made his way to the ring along with members of the Corporation. After a short back and forth The Rock attacked Shane but he is taken down by the Corporation and then Shane fires the Rock from the Corporation. As Shane leaves The Rock got to his feet and challenged Shane to a match later on in the show. Shane surprisingly accepted.

X PAC and Kane defeated The Brood (Gangrel & Edge with Christian). After the match The Brood jumped Kane and he was yet another recipient of a Blood Bath. An angry Kane reached out grabbing the nearest person and choke slammed him unfortunately it was X PAC.

Backstage The Undertaker called Vince and he had some demands. He wanted control of theWWF, he wanted those documents for control delivered if Vince wanted Stephanie back and he wanted them delivered by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin made his way to the ring for an interview and it was not long before Vince came out and pleaded with Austin too help him. But after everything Vince had done to Austin there was no way he was going to help.

D Lo Brown defeated Val Venis after a distraction by Nicole Bass who is obsessed with Val.

HHH defeated Mr Ass thanks to interference from Chyna. Road Dogg tried to help his partner but he was blocked off by Chyna.

Mankind and Big Show defeated Bossman and Test. After the match Bossman turned on his Corporation team mate and beat him down with his knife stick.

Intercontinental Championship

The Godfather with The Hoes defeated Jeff Jarrett with Debra. Val Venis made his way out to the ring to get a better look at Debra and this was enough of a distraction for Jarrett to get rolled up and pinned by The Godfather. One of the biggest pops of the night came in this match and it was for Debra it proved how over she was and I don’t think any female ‘Wrestler’ will ever get a pop like she got.

Ken Shamrock was supposed to have a match with Bradshaw and as Shamrock carried a baseball bat to the ring looking for revenge he was jumped from behind by Farooq. The Acolytes beat Shamrock until Test made the surprise save.

The Rock and Shane McMahon Match was one sided until the Corporation predictably interfered and they beat down The Rock yet again. With HHH and Chyna doing the majority of damage.

XPAC came to the ring looking for answers as to what is going on with Kane but he was jumped from behind by Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett. It was not long though before Kane came to the ring and while both Hart and Jarrett had plenty of time to get away they waited for Kane and were both quickly destroyed by The Big Red Machine.

Then came the final segment and one of the most iconic moments in the history of Monday Night Raw. This story had been written perfectly with Vince, Stephanie, Undertaker, Paul Bearer and Steve Austin all playing their part to make this special. I loved how the writer ( Presumably Russo and or Ferrara) spread this out throughout the show and how we saw both sides of Vince and Austin. This had everything you could ask for in a great story it had the Hero, the damsel in distress, the helpless father and the unhinged bad guys. The ceremony was played out perfectly as it came to the end with both Shamrock and Big Show having attempted to stop it. Finally after everything the sound of Broken Glass echoed throughout the building and out came Austin to save the day. The ending saw Stephanie firstly hug Austin then her dad and you saw Vince mouth thank you to Austin as the show ended.


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