The Royal Rumble is my favourite of the ‘Big 4’ PPV’s for many reasons like Royal Rumble 1990 was the first Wrestling Show I ever watched, my favourite match of all time took place at the Royal Rumble, the Royal Rumble Match is one of my favourite gimmick matches and it kicks of the Road To Wrestlemania. With it being only a few days away I thought I would look back over the matches that have taken place and I attempted to pick my 10 favourite matches. It was not an easy task as there have been so many great matches since 1988. So here are my Top 10 Matches and please feel free to comment below with your favourites.

10. The Rockers vs The Orient Express- 1991

A match that is still said to this day to be the best undercard Match to take place at the Royal Rumble and on this night  a young ‘Show Stealer’ was on the rise. This match is definitely worth looking up on the network and if you do you will see how The Rockers were really ahead of their time.


9. Kurt Angle vs Tazz- 2000

While this was a very short match it was not just the match that I like about this.  Angle was heading in to the match undefeated, they kept his opponent a secret and when his music hit the pop Taz got inside Maddison Square Garden is still one of the loudest I have ever heard. Then of course there is the fact Tazz choked out the undefeated Angle on his first night. While the rest of his WWF/E in ring career was not exactly what everyone had expected, his debut is still one of the best in WWE history.


8. Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt- 2014

The Royal Rumble 2014 event will always be remembered for the fans anger about Daniel Bryan not being in the Rumble Match and also Batista winning it. But there is one thing that was a highlight of this show and that was the opening match between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan. This even had somewhat of a story to it with Bryan having joined and then left The Wyatt Family. It is quite sad to see where both these two very talented performers careers are now as then then future seemed so bright for both.


7. John Cena vs AJ Styles- WWE Championship Match- 2017

A match that had been a dream for every wrestling fan came true as the two of the best wrestlers of this generation came face to face. AJ was the face of TNA for its best years and Cena was the face of WWE during that same period and beyond. After exactly one year since AJ debuted these two were going one on one in the best match in 2017 for the WWE.


6. Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz- Tag Team Elimination Tables Match-2000

Many people say that this era was the best  for tag team wrestling. It is hard to disagree as this epic match was not only the start of the feud that gave us the legendary TLC matches, also this was not even the tag title match on this card. The risks taken in this match were amazing and I will never forget Jeff Hardy hitting a Swanton Bomb off the balcony.

5. Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit- WWF Intercontinental Championship-Ladder Match-2001

Not only is this match in this Top 10 but it is also in my Top 10 for best Ladder Match and best Intercontinental Match. These two were best friends out of the ring and two of the best wrestlers ever in the ring. This match will never go in any WWE Top 10 but if you read Jericho’s book he believes it was the best Ladder Match he ever had and could stand up against any Ladder Match in history, it’s hard to argue with him when you go back and watch this one.

4. Royal Rumble Match- 1999

This match centred solely around the feud between the best Heel in Wrestling history Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the best wrestler ever Stone Cold Steve Austin. The build to this match is still the best build up to a Rumble Match with the vignettes of Shane training Vince to get ready as he was going in to the Rumble as the number 2 entrant with Austin going in as number 1. I will never forget Vince chasing Chickens, running in the snow, The jobber warm up rumble and doing sit ups screaming ‘I HATE AUSTIN’. The match was planned out perfectly and Vince winning it in the end was something no one saw coming.

3. HHH vs Cactus Jack- WWF Championship- Street Fight- 2000

One of the most violent and bloody matches to take place at any show in history this match took HHH up to the next level as he was able to withstand unimaginable punishment to retain his title. This was one of many great matches that took place between these two in their legendary feud.

2. The Rock vs Mankind- WWF Championship- I Quit Match- 1999

This match to this day is still hard to watch. Like the match i spoke about before this also is extremely violent and the amount of chair shots Foley took directly to the head no doubt left lasting damage. But it was the story between these two polar opposites that made this match so fantastic. It was one of the best feuds of all time and this was just some of the magic that happened when these two worked together.

1. Royal Rumble Match-1992

This was the first ever Royal Rumble Match to have stakes attached to it as the winner of this match would become the new WWF Champion. Everyone remembers this for Ric Flair doing the unthinkable back then and entering at number 3 and winning the whole thing. But while Flair put on a first class performance he was not the only one as this was and still is the best commentator performance in Wrestling history by the Late Great Bobby The Brain Heenan. The one liners and his support of Flair all the way through this match is first class and I just wish the commentators of today (Corey Graves) would sit down and watch, listen and learn how it is done the right way. The stars that took part in this match are some of the biggest names in the history of this business like: Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Undertaker, Jake The Snake Roberts, The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich, Shawn Michaels, Sid, British Bulldog and of course Ric Flair. The promo Flair cut after winning the match is still one of the best promos in WWE history.









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