Smackdown 23/1/18


So this is what they gave us for the Go home show for the Royal Rumble another Episode Of The Kevin and Sami show or Kami ? Who writes this crap? Sami and Kevin are boring and AJ sounds like a 12 year old girl every time he says Kami.

Daniel Bryan and Shane argued about booking decisions again it feels like they have replayed the same segment over and over again for the last four weeks.

One of the Usos lost to Gable. There was no point to the match, no stakes. Wow creative is on fine form. One half of one tag team against one member of another team, they have never done that before !

Who the hell gave Nakamura a Mic. Why do they feel the need to expose his weaknesses. They should hide them and highlight his strengths. IDIOTS!!

If this women’s match and segment is what we can expect the Women’s Rumble to be like I’m good. This Sucked. The match between Naomi and Liv Morgan was BAD but somehow it got made even worse when the other talentless women got involved. Charlotte makes them all look like jobbers she is on another level to the rest of the roster and I can’t see who she is going to face at Mania out of the current roster.

Tye Dillinger reminded us that he debuted at the Rumble last year and they have done nothing with him since. It’s like they just bought him up to come out at number 10 and didn’t think about what to do with him beyond that. Another stellar job done by the creative team.

Why Pancakes ? I don’t know what is harder to watch ? The New Day Singing and Dancing or Bobby Roode playing a good guy all I know is it all sucks. Also Jinder last a Singh and What is a Rusev Day ? Poor Jinder he has gone from Champ back to jobber in record time.

So Orton hit an RKO on Nakamura and Corbin for no reason but because they are all in the Rumble. I guarantee a week after the Rumble this will be forgotten about and they will be teaming together in a pointless multi man tag team match on Smackdown.

AJ made Kevin Owens tap out and I like that he attacked him after their match and during his match with Sami. Attempting to injure his knee and gain some advantage for the handicap match at the Rumble. But the funniest thing was seeing Sami Zayn attempt to dish out a viscous beat down. He in no way resembles a tough guy and it was hilarious watching him try to beat down Styles.

That they build every show around Sami and Kevin is shocking. There are far more talented performers on this roster that they do nothing with.






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