“That dude with the dreads that puts on a great show” Lucas Archer

The first time I saw Lucas Archer was a video package a friend showed me on YouTube. He was part of a Tag Team called Prospect and they were trying to raise money to get themselves to Orlando.It was some of the most entertaining stuff I saw in British Wrestling in 2017.This team was one of the main reasons I began to watch WCPW. Over the rest of the year Archer improved massively as a singles competitor  and we believe he is definitely one to watch out for in 2018.  We were lucky enough to get an interview with Lucas Archer.


UWR: Where are you from ?

Archer: I was born in Nottingham but live and am from Derby



UWR: How old are you ?

Archer: I’m 25!



UWR: Growing up were you a fan of Pro Wrestling ?

Archer: Lets just say.. I never grew up! Absolutely obsessed with Pro Wrestling since i was about 8 or 9



UWR: Where did you train to become a Wrestler and who trained you ?

Archer: I’ve trained at the House of Pain Wrestling academy in Nottingham for around 4 years. I’ve been trained in equal measure by Stixx & Joseph Conners, who runs Elevation Wrestling Academy in Leicester. I’ve been to training seminars around the country and have found the Rockstar Spud and El Ligero classes I’ve been too have been massively influential



UWR: Who were some of your influences growing up ?

Archer: In my younger years, I was always a WWE fan. So for me, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels were always my favourites! Both for different reasons. I was alway drawn to Christian, and since getting into the Pro Wrestling business, I’ve found alot more respect for the man, as a performer.



UWR: Are your family and friends supportive of your Pro Wrestling Career ?

Archer: So supportive! My mum struggles to watch as shes like a lioness watching her cub being chucked around, but they’re always sending love and encouragement.


UWR: Do you remember the first wrestling match you ever saw and what do you remember most about it ?

Archer: So I have so many early wrestling memories but one that I place as probably the first was a Sunday Night Heat match. It was Billy Kidman vs Tajiri during the invasion, and I dont really remember the match to be honest but I was blown away by the Shooting Star Press. I’d never seen anyone do a backflip but going forward! It wasn’t only the move but the flash of lights and photographers as it happened that just totally gripped me.



UWR: For people that have never seen You perform can you describe your character and wrestling style ?

Archer: So, I’d like to think I just exaggerate my personality alittle. I’m fiery, passionate, loud and (some might say) funny. Whenever someone is watching I’d love them to walk away thinking “That dude with the dreads put on a great show”
When you see me in my crazy colour tights, long dreads and funky walk, I hope at least one of those traits is memorable.



UWR: What is the best match you have ever seen.

Archer: It’s a really hard toss up for me. I’m not going to put a WWE match, as I’ve not been there for some of the greatest matches ever. I was there live for the two that I’m going to list. Both were for a company formerly known as WCPW, now Defiant Wrestling.
El Ligero vs Jay Lethal for the ROH Title
Joseph Conners vs Martin Kirby for the WCPW Championship. Both were so good, and the atmosphere both those matches created was unbelievable! Both were the type of match that made my leave my seat. It’s so hard for me to pick either over the other as they both give me goosebumps just remember them. Go out of your way to find them, for sure.



UWR: What in your opinion is your best match or opponent you have ever had ?

Archer: For me, it was the only time I’ve wrestled Martin Kirby, one on one. The man is exceptional, and perhaps the most under-utilised performer in the UK today. We met literally 5 minutes before the match was set to happen, as i’d arrived late. We went out and did it. He was the known performer, and I was the unknown. At first the crowd didnt seem to be invested, but because of Kirby’s ring work and leadership, by the end, they were loud and very much invested. An absolute pleasure to work with that day, and being able to call him a friend from that point onwards has been the best thing to come from that match.



UWR: What is your proudest moment from your time in Pro Wrestling ?

Archer: I had the privilage of wrestling in Orlando, Florida the day before Wrestlemania. The match was the pay off to a story that had been building over 10 months and the reactions myself and Alex Gracie got that night were FANTASTIC. A very special, and humbling moment in my life.


UWR: Are there any wrestlers on the Indy scene you would like to wrestle that you have never wrestled before ?

Archer: So, I’ve had the chance to work all of these men in tag matches but never in a singles.
1. El Ligero
2. Joseph Conners
3. Rampage Brown
4. Alex Gracie
5. Stixx (If he ever wanted one more match)



UWR: If you could choose any wrestler in history to have a match with who would it be ?

Archer: I wouldnt want a match. I’d just want to stand in the ring and await the arrival of “The Deadman” The Undertaker.
A very close second would be Dusty Rhodes.




UWR: Are there any goals you have set for yourself that you have not yet achieved ?

Archer: I set myself a goal of starting a promotion. Paradox Pro Wrestling. I want to give as many people I can, fans and wrestlers alike, a platform to perform & have fun! 2017, I achieved so many goals that I’ve had to go back to the drawing board. A big goal of mine is to work for NGW, Progress, ICW & RevPro. Those have been long term goals for a while.


UWR: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in Wrestling ?

Archer: Don’t run before you can walk. Listen. Be humble. Be polite. Be respectful. Drop the ego. Focus on the show as a whole and not only your match, and perfect the basics before anything else. Be creative. Be clean & prepared for whats ahead! 🙂



UWR:  Where can people see you perform next ?

Archer: In 2018, I have several appearances with House of Pain, Elevation, Southside Wrestling, Fight Factory Wrestling & hopefully many many more. Check out Paradox Pro Wrestling on social media, and you can follow my wrestling journey on twitter or instagram @lucasarcheruk




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