Smackdown 13th February 2018

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review for this weeks episode of Smackdown.


Match Results & Match Ratings


Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan

Match Rating: ⭐️



Baron Corbin defeated Kevin Owens

Match Rating:⭐️⭐️1/2



New Day defeated Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

Match Rating:⭐️3/4



Dolph Ziggler defeated Sami Zayn

Match Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️3/4




Another episode of The Kevin and Sami Show was at least slightly better than the snooze fest this show had been since it centred around the overrated duo. Of course Sami and Kevin kicked off the show by unconvincingly beating down Corbin (who looked like he could easily beat the shit out of both these two) then they went and beat up Ziggler barely. I have said it many times before that I think all the women on Smackdown suck except Charlotte. However her having to work with these amateurs  has some how made her worse. The petty back and forth between Shane and Bryan is boring now, they say they same shit every week, will one of them please just turn heel and be done with it (preferably Shane he is so much better as a jerk). Corbin and Owens had a decent match, but there is no way anyone believes he is going to be in a match at Wrestlemania as WWE Champion. Why do they think we want to see that boring US open challenge again. It sucked when Cena did it and it sucks even more now that someone else is trying to recreate it. It’s another example of how lazy the creative department are that they can’t think up something new to do with the United States Champion. As for Roode he sucks as a Babyface and while I was intrigued with a match with him and Orton, Mahal turned up and ruined the whole thing. Now we have to look forward to another match involving Orton and Mahal. Speaking of something that sucks, The New Day have matstered that with their stupid fucking pancakes. Who gives two shits about fucking pancakes and what a joke that they think Gable and Benjamin throwing pancakes on the floor is a great way to lead in to a match. It’s a fucking disgrace that this was allowed on a Wrestling show. The main event was probably the best thing about the five hours I had already watched from WWE. Ziggler and Zayn put together a very good match. But again they are doing another multi Man match for the title match at a PPV they won’t have enough wrestlers to fill the rest of the card at this rate. Where was AJ Styles ? How can they have nothing for the WWE Fucking Champion to do ? The show should be revolving around him . Also No Nakamura ! The two most popular guys on Smackdown not on the show that is even more baffling than anything else about this whole show.




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