Wrestlemania I, II and III Review

I have decided with Wrestlemania only a few weeks away I would watch and review every Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania I

The very first Wrestlemania is special because it was the first but the actual show was not that thrilling when watching back now. While every match had a big name in wrestling back then involved there were only a few matches on this show that really stood out. The Junkyard Dog vs Greg Valentine for the IC title was my favourite, a very underrated match was Matt Borne vs Ricky Steamboat and Andre vs Studd. The main event was built up really well and the pay off did it’s job. Hogan and Piper had great chemistry but I felt Snuka would of been a better choice to be in the match rather than Mr T he could of been an outside influence.


Wrestlemania II

The second instalment Of Wrestlemania was held in three different locations and that was probably the only thing that made this interesting. The best match of the whole show was easily George The Animal Steele vs Randy Macho Man Savage. Hogan and Bundy in the Cage Match was better than I remember and Bundy bleeding was a nice addition to this  match.


Wrestlemania III

Many believe this is the best Wrestlemania ever. I will agree that the Main event between Hogan and Andre is the biggest match ever, the other match that is talked about a lot is the IC title match between Savage and Steamboat was an excellent in ring contest. My personal favourite match and a very underrated match was Piper vs Adonis, I really enjoyed this match.  These three matches are the only ones really worth watching on this show the rest is largely forgettable.


Here are are My Favourites from the first three Wrestlemanias.


Best Wrestler- Randy Macho Man Savage

Best Babyface- Hulk Hogan

Best Heel- Rowdy Roddy Piper

Best Tag Team- The British Bulldogs

Best Manager- Bobby The Brain Heenan

Best Match- Savage vs Steamboat

Best Feud- Andre/Hogan



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