Wrestlemania IV, V and VI Review

In my opinion this time period was the best for Wrestlemania. WM III was very good and the following four years (IV,V,VI & VII) were equally as good if not better.

Wrestlemania IV

This is one of my personal favourite Manias for a few reasons. Firstly it didn’t completely  revolve around Hulk Hogan, the story of Savage’s journey through the tournament is still one of the best stories told at any Wrestlemania and the main event between Dibiase and Savage is seriously underrated. Other matches I really enjoyed on this show were Jake The Snake Roberts vs Ravishing Rick Rude, Ted Dibiase vs Don Murocco and  Demolition vs Strike Force. Lets also not forget the comedic genius that is Bobby Heenan and his attack suit to protect him from Matilda. Also the massive part played on this show by Miss Elizabeth she is someone who more than deserves a spot in the Hall Of Fame as she was a huge part of this and the next four Wrestlemanias.


Wrestlemania V

This show largely revolved around the main event with The Mega Powers colliding. This story had built over a whole year and it was a great way to finish it where it had began. Miss Elizabeth was yet again a huge factor in this Mania and yet again she played her part perfectly. This show also had an exciting under card Rick Rude defeating Warrior for the IC title in one of Warrior’s best ever matches, Jake Roberts vs Andre, Demoltion defended their tag titles in a very entertaining handicap match against The Powers Of Pain and my personal favourite match from this show was The Brain Busters vs Strike Force this was better than any tag match you would  see today.  There was a Piper’s Pit on the show and i still found this really entertaining and it proves how bad the talk show segments that WWE do today are not anywhere near as creative or entertaining  as Piper’s Pit was. Then again everything about this era of wrestling is better than the crap they put on today.


Wrestlemania VI

This is still to this day arguably the biggest and best Wrestlemania Main Events. The noise throughout the whole match must of been deafening inside the arena, technically it was not the best wrestling match but the story and these two larger than life superstars made this something really special.  Again this show had a very strong under card with Savage and Sherri vs Dusty and Saphire with Miss Elizabeth getting involved in the finish, Demolition regaining the titles against Andre and Haku, Jake Roberts vs Ted Dibiase was a personal favourite and just listening to the noise the crowd made when Jake’s music hit proved what being OVER really is also his promo before this match is the best ever. The other moment i will never forget about this show was Piper blacking out half of his whole body when he was going against Bad News Brown and im sure that is something we will never see in Wrestling ever again.


Best Wrestler

Macho Man Randy Savage


Best Babyface

Jake The Snake Roberts


Best Heel

Ted Dibiase


Best Manager

Miss Elizabeth


Best Tag Team



Best Match

Ted Dibiase vs Macho Man Randy Savage


Best Feud

Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan


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