Wrestlemania VII, VIII & IX Review

These three Wrestlemanias may not of been the favourite of many wrestling fans but no one can deny that every show had some very good matches and most importantly some unforgettable moments.


Wrestlemania VII

WrestleMania VII was originally scheduled to be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum , but the WWF decided to move the event to the adjacent Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena . The WWF’s stated reason for the venue change was that it had security concerns in the wake of Sgt. Slaughter’s portrayal of an Iraqi sympathizer during the Gulf War. 

This was a personal favourite show of mine and I think this show is up there as one of the best Wrestlemanias of all time. The Rockers kicked off the show and we start to see the start of the rise of Shawn Michaels as he and Janetty were very impressive in victory. Watching them back it is clear that they were a team way before their time are better than any team you see today. The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich and The British Bulldog were both victorious in their matches against Bravo and The Warlord both matches though were forgettable. The Nasty Boys won the Tag Titles against The Hart Foundation thanks to the Megaphone of Jimmy Hart. This was the last time the Hart Foundation would team together at Wrestlemania and Bret began his singles career very soon after. One of my favourite Wrestlemania matches is Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel in the Blindfold Match. They hardly touched each other the whole match and the way both kept the fans involved throughout the entire match was masterful. The build and story for this was superb and the execution was unbelievably even better this is something that unfortunately no two wrestlers of this generation would ever be able to pull of as successfully as they did and its not because like many say “It’s a different time” its actually because i don’t believe there is anyone nearly as talented as a performer as these two. If this show is remembered for anything it has to be the Wrestlemania debut of The Undertaker as he defeated Jimmy Snuka and the Streak began. Another favourite Wrestlemania match of mine is Savage vs Warrior, this was as near to perfect a match as you will ever see. It had everything you could ask for from a piece of entertainment. The in ring action between the two was the best both have ever delivered in their careers and then there was the love story between Savage and Elizabeth that had been a major focal point of the past six Wrestlemanias. After watching every Mania over again recently the Savage and Elizabeth story has to go down as one of the best stories ever told in WWE history. The Piss Poor second rate version of Demolition lost to Tenryu and Kiato, this was a little sad to see after the original Demolition dominated the tag team scene and had some of the best matches at the previous three Wrestlemanias. The Bossman and Mr Perfect match was decent but it did seem Bossman’s feud with Heenan was the main focus and the IC title was just and after thought in this one. Earthquake squashed Valentine in a pointless match and LOD did the same to Power and Glory but they did it in under a minute. Another match that had a fantastic back story was Virgil vs Ted Dibiase, the match itself was not the best but that didn’t really matter as the story told before, throughout and after the match was amazing. Piper may of taken a lot of focus from the other two guys but he was brilliant as always. The Mountie defeated Santana with the use of his Cattle Prod. The Main Event was in my opinion the best match Hogan has ever had. The story like so many others in this show was done really well and Slaughter did such a great job as a heel that they had to change venues due to threats, Now that is Heel Heat that again is something i doubt anyone could ever accomplish today. This was a great Wrestlemania  but it may of been where Wrestlemania peaked for more than one reason.


Wrestlemania XIII

The one thing many remember about this show was the match that should of happened and the huge opportunity that was missed because of it. This should of been where the two biggest names of that generation would finally meet but due Hogan failing as an actor we never got to see him face Ric Flair at this show. This show had three good matches that are worth watching and worth my time talking about. The Intercontinental Championship match between Piper and Hart is up there as not only one of the best IC title matches but also one of the best Mania matches of all time. The Streak continued as The Undertaker defeated Jake Roberts. While it should of been Hogan vs Flair on this show the replacement for Hogan and the match itself was still excellent. They still managed to find a way to continue the Savage/Elizabeth story through another Mania with the involvement of Flair and it helped build a ton more heat for this contest. The main event between Hogan and Sid was awful and the run ins after the match from Papa Shango and Warrior did nothing to help save the end of this show they somehow made it worse.


Wrestlemania IX

Many still say that this was the worst Wrestlemania ever. Now while a lot of the matches had shitty finishes with botches from Refs and Wrestlers alike. The show actually had a decent start, it was the only time that I remember Hennan and JR working together on commentary on a show this big. The in ring action from Tatanka and Michaels was excellent but the unnecessary involvement of Sherri and Luna did more harm than help but it was the ref botching the call at the end that really ruined the finish of this match. I did enjoy the tag match between The Stiener Brothers and The Headshinkers but it had no stakes or story and was really a filler match. I was actually really entertained by Doink and his match with the white meat Babyface in Crush. Th two Doink finish was clever and i always preferred heel Doink to Babyface Doink. Hogan sporting two black eyes and Beefcake wearing that stupid mask looked awful and the only thing worse was there dire match with Money Inc that had yet another dodgy finish. Speaking of dodgy finishes I am sure very Undertaker fan would like to forget his match with The Giant Gonzalez. Then came the title match between Hart and Yokozuna and it was not a bad match, Yoko in my opinon is the best Super Heavyweight in wrestling history and he made history on this show and the next Wrestlemania by being the only Wreslter to be in Four World Title matches at two consecutive Wrestlemanias. Of course Hogan had to steal the spotlight one last time and it would be a very long time till Hogan would perfrm again at Wrestlemania and no one can deny that without Hulk Hogan there would be no Wresltemania or WWE today. He may of stole the spotlight on this show but my goodness he earned  the right to go out this way.


Best Wrestler

Randy Savage


Best Babyface

Bret Hart


Best Heel

Sgt Slaughter


Best Tag Team

Money Inc


Best Manager

Paul Bearer


Best Match

Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel- Blindfold Match


Best Feud

Macho Man Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior


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