Impact Wrestling

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review for this weeks episode of Impact Wrestling.
Match Results and Match Ratings
Brian Cage defeated Trevor Lee
Match Rating:⭐️⭐️1/2

Eddie Edwards was backstage with Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer tried to tell Eddie that he should be at the hospital with his family injured Wife.

Eddie came to the ring he then threatened to put both the wives of OVE in the hospital. OVE and Edwards brawled but Eddie is stopped by a video that played on the screen with Eddie’s wife in hospital being given flowers by Sami and he said to her that he just wants to talk.

Moose defeated Braxton Sutter
Match Rating:⭐️⭐️

Knockouts Championship
Allie defeated Taya Valkyrie
Match Rating:⭐️1/2

After the match four undead bridesmaids  bought a coffin to the ring this distracted Allie and allowed Su Yung to attack her from behind. The Lights went out when they came on Rosemary was in the ring they went out again and Su Yung disappeared.

Eddie arrived at  the hospital he was angry with his wife for talking to Callahan. He finds Sami’s room and tries to finish off the job but he is stopped by doctors.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Scott Steiner and Eli Drake defeated LAX
Match Rating:⭐️1/2

Eli Drake cut a Promo after the match but he was interrupted by Aries then Pentagon JR. Eli and Steiner attacked Aries and Pentagon. After a short brawl Pentagon was able to clear the ring and the show finished with a stare down between Aries and Pentagon.

After I really enjoyed watching Redemption I thought it was only fair to give Impact Wrestling’s weekly show another try and I am so happy I did. The in ring action was decent but for me it was secondary to the continuation of the rivalry between Edwards and Callahan. I liked the spot with Allie and Yung but thought it was slightly ruined by Rosemary and the countless times the lights went out. The main event tag match was okay but the finish was botched as Steiner forgot to stop one of the LAX members from breaking up the pin fall and he just fell on the mat and lied there looking like an idiot before Scott remembered to grab his leg and pull him out of the ring. Eli Drake cut another great promo proving he is one of the best in the business on the mic and I do like his partnership with Steiner who is also Gold on the mic but in a completely different way. Aries and Pentagon were very good in the final segment and I am looking forward to seeing this match happening in the near future.


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