When I received my tickets for the show I was a bit shocked at all the rules that they had set in place. But then remembered that this is not the normal wrestling shows that we would usually attend. This was a TV Show which for reasons quite obvious meant there were a lot more rules that spectators have to abide by.

Before the show began they specifically asked that no one spoils the match out comes online and I will of course abide by what they have asked as I want to support this as much as possible. I believe everyone that was booked on this show more than deserves to be in the spotlight, they have all worked tremendously hard over the years to get there. This is also a chance for British Wrestling to be back where it belongs and I don’t want to be someone who ruins the outcomes for others who have not seen what fantastic shows these are.
What I will say is who appeared on the shows so below is the roster of guys and gals that appeared on tonight’s shows. If I forget any I am very sorry.

Will Ospreay
Davey Boy Smith JR
Doug Williams
Rampage Brown
Sha Samuels
Kay Lee Ray
Martin Kirby
Joe Hendry
Bea Priestley
Nathan Cruz
Ieysten Rees
Kip Sabian
Robbie X
Justin Sysum
Adam Maxted
Gabriel Kidd
HT Drake
Liam Slater
CJ Banks
Every performer absolutely gave everything and did British Wrestling Proud. Every match was really enjoyable and a few are definitely ones to watch. There were two shows filmed over the night and we got to see two WOS Championship matches, A New WOS Women’s Champion Crowned and an awesome Ladder Match. There was also a surprise “Executive Producer” who was “BAD NEWS” for some of the wrestlers, he also joined the commentary team of So Cal Val and Alex Shane.
This was the only WOS show we will be attending as we were unsuccessful when applying for the other four shows they are filming over the next few days. I am also not certain that this roster will be the same over the next two days, they may lose a few or add to it but I’m positive that every show will be as good as this was. It was also down to the fantastic atmosphere that was created by the fans who proved once again how great British Wrestling Fans are. I for one can’t wait to watch this back and the other shows on ITV. Trust me you will not want to miss it .

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