Is Intergender Wrestling Killing the Business ?

There has been a huge debate on going on Social Media about Intergender matches within the Wrestling business. Some actually believe that this is one of the things that is killing the business. Then those that support it say it’s just another style of wrestling like Hardcore, Lucha or Strong Style. I believe that these type of matches can work and be really entertaining  if there is a decent enough story or build up to go along with it. I do not see the point in doing these type of matches just for the sake of doing it. There have been some excellent intergender matches in the history of Pro Wrestling and here are five of my favourite Intergender matches.


5. Taya Valkyrie vs Brian Cage


4. Ivelisse , Son Of Havoc & Angelico vs Fenix, Drago & Aerostar




3. Chyna vs Chris Jericho


2. Chyna vs Jeff Jarrett


1. Beulah McGillicutty  vs Bill Alfonso



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