Falling Starr Wrestling Fight Night

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review of Falling Starr Wrestling Fight Night.


The show started with the owner and FSW Limitless Champion Jimmy Starr coming to the ring singing his entrance music “ I am The One And Only”. He issued an open challenge for the Limitless Championship and it was answered by Female Wrestler Annalisa Dawn.


Limtless Championship Open Challenge

Jimmy Starr defeated Alyssa Dawn

Match Rating: ⭐⭐1/2


After his match Jimmy Starr got back on the mic and called out Tom Falcon. He told Falcon that if he wants another shot at the Limitless Championship he would have to go through three matches with Starr choosing who his opponents would be. Then Jimmy informed Falcon that his first match would be right now in a Handicap Match.


Tom Falcon defeated Jonny Oh & Crowley

Match Rating: ⭐⭐1/2



Next Level (J Den Scarr & Jack Hammer) defeated CW Davis & Furio

Match Rating:⭐⭐⭐



Bulk defeated George Rashwood

Match Rating: ⭐⭐



Ashleigh Stark defeated Alex Jitsu

Match Rating: ⭐⭐



Robbie Reed vs Crowley ended in a draw with both men staying down for a 10 count.

Match Rating:⭐⭐⭐


This was the first time I have attended an FSW Fight Club Show at West Lynn Social Club and I thoroughly enjoyed every match that was on this card. I was very intrigued by the story surrounding Jimmy Starr, Tom Falcon and the Limtless Championship. Starr played his role as Heel perfectly by gain the cheap victory over Dawn and then trying to stack the deck against Falcon who is a massive fan favourite. While Falcon’s Handicap Match may not of been a Five Star Classic it did exactly what it needed to do by helping Progress the story and Falcon somehow came away victorious. I am sure Starr will continue to make every match harder for Falcon as it really seems like he doesn’t want to defend the title against Falcon. If you have never seen the tag team Next Level perform then you are definitely missing out. Both are seriously talented and I a positive both have very bright futures in this business. Their opponents are just as talented and all four put together a very good tag match that for me was the best match on the show. The story between Furio and Ashleigh Stark continued as Stark got the attention of Furio during his match and he chased her too the back leaving CW Davis alone to eat defeat at the hands of Next Level. The extremely large  Bulk literally Squashed the much smaller George Rashwood. For a big guy Bulk puts on a hell of a performance and is one of the best big guys in British Wrestling in my opinion. Ashleigh Stark was really impressive with her victory over the very capable Alex Jitsu. Ashleigh Stark then came face to face with Furio who told her that she had driven a stake through his heart by using an actual stake to symbolise what she had done to him. I really want to see how they continue this feud between these two freaky foes. The main event was a really good way to end the night and while neither man actually won the match they both proved that they are willing to give everything to win.

Like I said at the beginning this was a really enjoyable show and we will definitely be making FSW one of our regular wrestling companies that we attend so you will be seeing a lot more reviews from us about these shows run by this fabulous company.






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