Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 1

Here are the match result, my match rating and review for Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 1.


Match Result and Rating



Lucha Underground Championship

Aztec Warfare

Pentagon Dark defeated Marty The Moth Martinez, Kill Shot, The Mack, Son Of Havoc, Joey Ryan, Mr Pectacular, Tommy Dreamer, Mariposa, Vinnie Massaro, Hernandez, Johnny Mundo, Ricky Mundo, Fenix, Jerimiah Crane, Mil Muertes, Daga, Chavo Guerrero JR, King Cuerno and Dragon Azteca JR.

Match Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The first episode of Season four had a lot of changes from previous seasons the two most notable are the new arena and Antonio Cureto the Father of the deceased Dario Cureto & the monster Matanza who we found out is next to challenge Pentagon for the title. Antonio was quick to make an impact as he ordered an Aztec Warfare Match Take place and that it be started by two of the three Six Man Tag Champ’s, The Mack & Kill Shot. They also found out that their new partner would be the third man to enter the match and it was Son Of Havoc. The action from this match was so fast paced that it is impossible to remember everything that happened but there were a lot of highlights like the debut of Dreamer who took things to the Extreme. Fenix showed why he is the best luchador in the world and Pentagon was dominant throughout. I was massively impressed by King Cuerno who looks like he is ready to ascend to the top of Lucha once more, I was shocked to see Mil Muertes eliminated so suddenly and while the Moth was last to be eliminated by Pentagon he was another that is more than ready to challenge for the main prize. This was a good episode that did a great job at highlighting most of the Lucha Underground roster and some of the storylines that are taking place. I am more than pumped to see what Season Four has in store.


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