Vader Passes Away Aged 63

It was announced on Twitter by the son of Vader on his account that Vader had passed away.


Remembering Vader

I was not really that aware of Vader as a child until he appeared in WWF back in early 1996. I was a real WWF mark as a child so I missed a lot of Vader in his prime. But thanks to Videos, then DVDs and then YouTube and now the WWE Network I was able to watch most of what I have been told were the best matches Vader ever had. His matches in WCW against Flair, Steamboat and my favourite were of course against Cactus Jack were just as good as any you will see today. While he was very successful in WCW winning the WCW Championship three times he also dominated Japan for many years winning the IWGP Championship three times. His WWF career was not as successful as many would of liked it to be. He should of at least won the title once possibly in his biggest match in the WWF against Shawn Michaels at Summerslam 1996. But no one can deny he has to go down in history as one of the best big men of all time. Vader, you could say had  5 legit finishing moves in his arsenal (Chokeslam, Firebomb, Release Powerbomb, Vadersault and the Vader Bomb). I am just really grateful that I got to meet the legend himself. While he may not of been in the best of health and it was hard to see him in that state, I was very appreciative that I got the time to thank him and tell him how much of a fan of his I am. He had a match that night in London against Will Ospreay (You May remember the two having a feud on Twitter). I will never forget Vader making his way to the ring and me not being to kind to him showing him a certain finger then he got in my face. Even at the age he was and me being an adult I still felt like a scared child in his presence. But I am so happy I have those memories and will cherish them forever. We all here at UWR are extremely saddened at the loss of a Legend and that roster in the sky just got one hell of a Bad Ass. RIP Big Van Vader. It will Forever Be VADER TIME !!







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