The Lost Boy Flynn Burden

Here is our interview with the exceptionally talented British Independent Wrestler The Lost Boy Flynn Burden.


UWR: Where are you from ?

Flynn Burden: The Forest of Dean


UWR: Growing up were you a fan of Pro Wrestling ?

Flynn Burden: Yes. I started watching wrestling at the age of 7. It was all I wanted to do.



UWR: Where did you train to become a Wrestler and who trained you ?

Flynn Burden: I began my training at Evolution Wrestling under Gilligan Gordon who opened my eyes and still does to this day. I then began training at Dragon Pro Wrestling in 2017 under The Wild Boar who has given me opportunities to make something of myself. Opportunities I don’t plan on wasting. I need to make myself heard in the wrestling world and Wild Boar is training me to be the best I can be for the challenges ahead. He is very patient with me… I can have moments where I lose control… Hurt people.


UWR:Who were some of your influences growing up ?

Flynn Burden: My biggest influences growing up were Kane, The Undertaker and Jake Roberts. In a world of larger than life people I found these men relatable. I understood the pain they were going through and they helped me understand mine. Their styles were methodical and calculated and I understood it was about taking your time with your opponent.



UWR:Are your family and friends supportive of your Pro Wrestling Career ?

Flynn Burden: My family are distant and don’t understand me and as for friends… No one stays long enough to support me. I’m in this alone.



UWR : I’m sure like every Wrestler you remember your first match. So who was in the match ? Did it go well ? And what do you remember most about it ?

Flynn Burden: My first match was against a young wrestler called Kenny Kilpatrick. It was in a very early stage of my career, but he issued a challenge and I accepted. After hearing some of the things he was saying about others and the way he treated people I didn’t take kindly too him. I made an example of him. I regret what I did, but I needed to be in that ring and show people what I could do. I lost control and lashed out at him. I left him lying in the ring.


UWR: For people that have never seen You perform can you describe your character and wrestling style ?

Flynn Burden: Damaged, intense, angry, unhappy, prone to violence and I guess in a word… Desperate. I’ve been described as agile for a “big man”. I need to impress. I need people to understand me.



UWR: What is the best match you have ever seen ?

Flynn Burden: The best match I have witnessed was Wild Boar Vs. Will Osprey at Attack! Pro Wrestling. The atmosphere and energy was something to behold.



UWR: What in your opinion is your best match or opponent you have ever had ?

Flynn Burden: Splits McPins has been my best opponent to date and gave me my best match at a Dragon Pro X Attack! Pro: Thursday Night Throws. He’s not man I trust. He broke a handshake I offered. I respect his ability however.



UWR: What is your proudest moment from your time in Pro Wrestling ?

Flynn Burden: Being accepted by Wild Boar to represent the academy at Thursday Night Throws. It was at that moment I felt ready to put myself out there.


UWR: Are there any wrestlers on the Indy scene you would like to wrestle that you have never wrestled before ?

Flynn Burden: The two people that have helped me most. Wild Boar and Gilligan Gordon. I need them to understand me like so many others.



UWR: If you could choose any wrestler in history to have a match with who would it be ?

Flynn Burden: Jake”The Snake” Roberts. It would be a true test of my mind. Push be too my limits.



UWR: Are there any goals you have set for yourself that you have not yet achieved ?

Flynn Burden: Something that will take time, but my goal is to be at promotions throughout the country showing everyone what I’m capable of.


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