WWE Weekly Review

There is 10 hours of WWE weekly programs at the moment with Raw, Smackdown, 205, NXT, NXT UK, The Mae Young Classic and Mixed Match Challenge making up the 10 hours. That is far to much for any wrestling fan to attempt to sit through. The one hour shows are not to hard to sit through, it’s Raw that is the real chore being 3 hours long. I have always believed that Raw is far too long and I did think it would be much better as a 2 hour show. But having watched Smackdown I am not even positive that the WWE can even put together an entertaining 2 hour show anymore and I honestly believe they should only do 1 hour for every show.




This weeks episode continued to build towards Crown Jewel and Evolution. There is no doubt that the women have earned the right to have their own PPV my only problem is The Bella’s. Just when I thought we had seen the last of those two talentless leeches they have returned and have been put in to the main event of the first women’s show against the biggest star in the WWE at this time. Not too bothered about Lita and Trish coming back in a Tag match against Mickie and Alexa and the build for the rest of it has beeen shoddy at best. As for the Crown Jewel show I am not intrested. I didn’t watch the last show they did there and I am not at all intrested in this one if it is going to take place in that Country. I am not going to say anymore about it I just don’t agree with their actions of late and hope this show is moved. Then there is the case of Shawn Michaels. I traveled from the U.K. to see his last match at Wrestlemania 26 against The Undertaker and thought it was the best way anyone can go out. But after they threw 10 million at him he is back and I just hope it is worth tarnishing his career for. I guess who cares about legacies and Legendary careers being ruined when you have 10 Million in your bank account.  The show was largely forgettable there were two qualifiers for the World Cup Tournament at Crown Jewel and a few other cold matches that meant nothing. They seemed to be continuing this pointless feud between The Shield against Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre but they have now started to tease problems with both factions with Ambrose looking likely to be the one to turn this time and at the end of the show the star of this whole feud (Drew) took out Strowman in a surprising twist.



Smackdown 1000

The return of Rey Mysterio was the highlight of this whole show and his match with Nakamura was easily the best from the main roster this week. The other shocker was The Bar winning the Tag Team Titles from New Day thanks to a little help from The Big Show. Evolution had a reunion and it seems they may be teasing a match between Batista and HHH at some point possibly Wrestlemania. But I don’t think that would be the best choice in my opinion. If they want to have a match that could catch the attention of people that are not fans then they should try and get a match signed up for Mania with Batista a big movie star in his own right against arguably the biggest movie star of this era The Rock. The Cutting Edge was just Edge giving advice to Becky Lynch as creative again try to force the fans to turn on her but it is not working in the slightest. There was another World Cup qualifier and a few more cold matches that meant nothing. The opening segment was the worst of the show and really hard to watch  as The McMahons came out to massage their egos and then for some reason dance with R Truth and Carmella. The whole show was a disappointment considering this was Episode 1000.




A few matches that didn’t really mean much except for the outstanding main event Fatal Five Way Match. Okay the finish was lame but the match itself was fast paced and action packed with the star of the match being Lio Rush who is not only doing great things on 205 but also really helping get Lashley over as a Heel on Raw.



The tag titles were on the line in the opening match and The War Raiders came close to winning but they were stopped by Bobby Fish who came to the aid of his fellow Undisputed Era team mates and took out both War Raiders with a Steel Chair then out came Adam Cole and they continued the beat down. This is obviously the start of a build towards War Games with The Undisputed Era being the obvious choice to be one team involved. Lorcan and Burch won a squash match as did Shayna Baszler against a very talented Britt Baker. The main event of the show was very good and even though the finish was baffling with Aliester Black appearing and getting told Nikki’s secret, I was very impressed with Bianca Belair. I suggest maybe the next time she wrestles she uses less glitter that stuff gets absolutely everywhere and is a nightmare to get rid of.




This was the first episode of the new weekly NXT UK wrestling show. The first match saw Joe Coffey defeat Mark Andrews thanks to Mark Coffey interfering and helping his brother get the win. After the match the brothers continued the beat down until Flash Morgan Webster made the save. I can see these four making up two teams to go after the tag team titles. Toni Storm was impressive in her match against Nina Samuels, so was Dave Mastiff against a very surprisingly generic looking Sid Scala ( No Del Boy gimmick). The best match of the week for WWE was Noam Dar against Pete Dunne for the U.K. Championship. It was proof why the U.K. have their own division and this match is just the start of awesome matches we will get to witness from this brand. Of course Dunne won and it is becoming hard to see who will dethrone him.


Mixed Match Challenge

This show should be renamed Creative Has Nothing For You. Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Bayley and Asuka all have one thing in common. Creative has no idea what to do with these incredibly talented individuals so they shove them on this so they have something to do. There is no point to this show if you look at it from a storyline perspective but that can be said about most WWE shows.


Mae Young Classic 2018

I have not watch any of this years tournament so I don’t really have any opinion on it. I did however find the time this week to check out this week episode. I am glad I did as I really enjoyed the entire show. I was especially impressed by Toni Storm, Meiko Satumura and Io Shirai. All three advanced in very good contests. I am now very tempted to  go back and watch previous episodes.



Top Five Matches From WWE This Week That Are Worth Watching

5. The Bar vs The New Day- Smackdown

4. War Raiders vs Undisputed Era- NXT

3. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rey Mysterio-Smackdown

2. Cedric Alexander vs Tony Neese vs Gran Metalik vs Lio Rush vs TJP- 205

1. Pete Dunne vs Noam Dar-NXT UK








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