Episode 1 Of Rev Pro Wrestling On Freesport

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review of Episode 1 Of Rev Pro Wrestling On Freesport.
Justin Thunder Liger defeated Chris Brookes

Great O Khan squashed Harrison Thompson

ZSJ def Kushida

The first episode of World Of Professional Wrestling aired on Freesport on Friday and it was a huge improvement on the joke of a companies attempt at putting it’s shoddy product on this channel. The fans in attendance did an excellent job in creating a fantastic atmosphere and it came across really well on TV. The three matches were all very different and the stories that have begun on this show definitely left me wanting to see more. The first match was a good one to have as an opener with the legendary Justin Thunder Liger going up against the extremely talented Brookes. While Liger won the match, Brookes got a lot of heat as he attacked Liger from behind but quickly retreated when El Phantasmo made the save. Another great character and Heel in Rev Pro is Lord Gideon Grey. He received resounding boos from the fans as he made introduced everyone to The Dominator Great-O-Kharn. The squash match that followed was very basic and did what it was meant to do. Another rivalry that began on this show with Sha Samuels interrupting Dan Magee’s interview then the two brawled. There was a nice pre recorded interview with Colt Cabana. The main event of this episode was a very good technical battle between Kushida and arguably the best British Pro Wrestler of this generation, Zack Sabre Junior. This was a very good contest but it was the appearance of Chris Ridgeway that was very intriguing as this mouthwatering contest looks like something we will definitely be seeing in the very near future.

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