Hustle Wrestling: Hustlepalooza It’s Still Real To Me Dam It !!

Here are the match results and review of Hustle Wrestling’s Hustlepalooza It’s Still Real To Me Dam It.


Wild Samoan defeated The Sinner






Mr USA defeated The Nightmare Russian






Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh On A Pole Match

Tarzan Jesus defeated The Pastor







The Mysterious Behemoth squashed Three Jobbers





MLW Title Match

Cannonball Maralez vs Mr Juicy no contest after interference from Mr USA


Street Fight

The Bullrope defeated The Butcher


Mad Man Manson Raffle Match

Emily The Fan defeated Mad Man Manson




Captain Calamari defeated The Shamrock



This was the first time we had attended a Hustle Wrestling show and I don’t think we could of picked a better show to start with. As soon as Mad Man Manson came out wearing a dress we had no idea what sort of show we would be in store for. This was a complete comedy show and was a nice reminder that Pro Wrestling is allowed to be fun. The first match had The Wild Samoan who was played by TK Cooper with hilarious facial expression and mannerisms. His opponent was Joseph Conners but on this night he was The Sinner, a complete gimmick rip off of Gangrel. This was a brilliant character portrayal by Conners with him coming out to the Brood’s music and shouting random catchphrases from the Brood members like “ On This Day I See Clearly”.I had no clue as to who Mr USA was but he played a fantastic arrogant American. His opponent was one of the most entertaining characters on the whole show. The Nightmare Russian played by Boris Koslov had me in hysterics with his drunken antics. No doubt a match that even Vince Russo would of been proud of as The Pastor and Tarazan Jesus did battle in a Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh on a Pole Match. Wow the size of The Behemoth was phenomenal and he absolutely dominated three ordinary sized individuals. I don’t know of many Mexican Wrestlers that are the same size as Cannonball Maralez (aka Dave Mastiff) but this big man did the Luchadors proud with his amazing agility. His opponent Mr Juicy was even bigger than Maralez and these two large men had a really good fast paced match that was cut short by Mr USA. He got his comeuppance as both Juicy and Cannonball teamed up and Mr USA’s night ended with a naked arse stink face from Mr Juicy. The Street Fight between Bullrope and The Butcher was what a Street Fight should be. It started on the outside of the ring and the only time they were in the ring was for the finish as Bullrope hit Butcher with a Chair to the head. When ever a fan is involved in the show 99% of the time it’s a complete work. This was the exception as this was a shoot, the women involved was a complete novice in the ring but thanks to the talent of Mad Man Manson (who was also absolutely  hilarious as co host of the show)  this was really entertaining and enjoyable. The Main Event saw Jordan Devlin play the most stereotypical Irish Character to perfection and Chris Brookes as Captain Calamari. The Superhero was able to overcome the drunken Irish fighter. I can’t remember laughing so much at a wrestling show. There were so many moments of comedy gold that it is impossible to recall all of them. It’s Still Real To Me Dam It was the perfect title for this show, while it may be hard to argue that Pro wrestling is real there is no doubt about what is real within Pro Wrestling. It’s the smiles on fans faces, the laughter, the general enjoyment of everyone and the feelings you come away with after witnessing a fantastic show like this one that makes it still real to me dam it ! There is no doubt in my mind that we will be regulars at Hustle Wrestling if these are the calibre of shows they produce.







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