MLW Fusion Episode 27

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review of MLW Fusion Episode 27.



El Hijo De La Park def Sammy Guevara
Match Rating:⭐️⭐️


Smash and Dash Connection Coco Brazil & Baronton Hughes def Samu & Lance Ano’i
Match Rating:⭐️⭐️


Filthy Tom Lawlor defeated Shane Swerve Strickland
Match Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️3/4


It was recommended to me that I give MLW a watch on YouTube and I am glad I did. The opening contest was a fast paced match between two talented high flyers, Guevara has impresses more every time I see him perform and El Hijo De La Park is on track to be even better than his legendary father. It was nice to see the father/son team of Samu and Lance Ano’i performing together and while Samu was able to still go it was his Son Lance that was the most impressive in this match. He is very similar to both Jimmy & Jey Uso and if he keeps putting on performances like this it won’t be long before he is working for the same company as them. As for there opponents Brazil is phenomenally fast and his partner while he is an enormous individual he is very effective with what he does. The main event was awesome with two completely different styles of Pro Wrestling meshing incredibly. The transformation of Lawlor from MMA to Pro Wrestling is very similar to that of Shamrock & Riddle in that he has picked it up extremely fast and could be on the way to  a very exciting future in this business. Strickland never fails to impress me and yet again he did so in this match. There was a lot of build to future shows that I will definitely be watching. The talent on the show are all amazing, the storylines are very intriguing and when you have Matt Striker and  Tony Schivone on commentary this is a must watch show for any wrestling fan.

If You Are intrested in watching this episode here it is


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