WWE Weekly

Here are my thoughts on all WWE Shows I watched that took place this week and the best five matches that are worth watching.



I’m sure those that watched Raw  live thought this was going to be just another run of the mill Monday Night Raw. Out came The Champ, The Big Dog, Roman Reigns to his usual reception of mixed boos and cheers as always. As soon as he he appeared there was a sense that something was not right. However no one could of imagined it would of been the news that he delivered to a stunned audience. We all here at Universal Wrestling Reviews send our thoughts and prayers  to Roman Reigns and his family. We know you can Superman punch and Spear the hell out of Leukaemia. The ironic thing to come from this is now he is the biggest Babyface in the history of WWE, something Vince has been trying to create for years. After this devastating news it was hard to concentrate on the rest of the show but it was actually a good show with a couple of surprising turns. The feud between Balor and Lashley heated up as Balor got a quick roll up victory over Lashley. That did shock me as  it really didn’t help the story and killed Lashley’s momentum. They continued the poor build to Evolution with a couple of boring women’s matches and segments the only one of intrest was seeing Trish and Lita beat the crap out of….. Alicia Fox? (Where was Alexa) and Mickie James. The Bella/Rousey contract signing was brutal, hopefully their match on Sunday will not be as bad as this. So they finally went and did it and turned Elias Babyface after he smashed his guitar over the back of Baron Corbin. I hope they don’t change his character at all, I really don’t want to see him smiling and waving to the fans he is perfect the way he is and that’s why everyone wants to Walk With Elias. There was the continued build towards Crown Jewel with the big tag match between DX and The Brothers Of Destruction taking up a huge segment of this show. These four can still Talk the Talk but I doubt the end product will be as successful. So yet again Braun Strowman had another turn and he now seems to be a Face yet again but in my mind he should be neither face or heel he is just a monster that destroys all in his path and if they don’t put the belt on him at Crown Jewel then they never will. The obvious choice for his first feud as champion and they seem to be going with it is with Drew McIntyre. He has easily been the most impressive performer over the last few months on the main roster and is a clear choice as someone who could be a future  WWE Universal Champion  on Raw. The main event of Raw was the best match from the main roster this week and after this awesome tag match that saw Ambrose and Rollins defeat Ziggler and McIntyre for the Raw Tag Team Titles. We also got a heel turn from Ambrose when he attacked Rollins after the match. While that looked like it had been on the cards for weeks but I didn’t think it would happen after they had just won the tag belts . This was the perfect way to do it and leaves everyone with lots of unanswered questions and wanting to see what happens next week.



This could of been Of show from 2008 not 2018 with matches like Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show and The Miz vs Rey Mysterio being the highlights of a pretty boring show. Rusev got some revenge on Aiden English in a one on one match. I guess that’s the end of that feud and both will go back to having nothing to do except job out to guys that are higher up on the card than them. Then there was the surprise that they did something away from the arena with Becky attacking Charlotte in a pre taped segment at the training centre.



Another show that had another surprising end and heel turn. It started with The Undisputed Era coming tonthe ring and Cole talking about getting his title back but he was quickly interrupted by EC3 and the two agreed to a match. It was a good match that is worth watching that had a surprising finish. What was not surprising was that after the match EC3 got beat down by all four members of The Undisputed Era with the worst of the damage being done by Bobby Fish who smashed the leg of EC3 with a steel chair. There was a debut on NXT from Mia Yim, she was impressive on the Mae Young Classic and  from what I saw of her in TNA/Impact she is a very good signing by WWE. There was a video package announcing that next week The Super King Of Bro’s Matt Riddle will be making his debut. The question of who will be facing Tommaso Ciampa went unanswered but the secret about who attacked Aliester Black became clear. In another shocking heel turn to add to the many turns we have seen this week Johnny Gargano revealed himself to be the one behind the attack by Super Kicking Black After Aliester  had torn through all the security in the back then everyone who got in his way in the ring. This was shocking and it is very intriguing to see where they go with Gargano after this.



The debut of Mike Kanellis on 205 and he was rather impressive in his first match against Lince Dorado. But the one match that was worth watching from this show was the Falls Count Anywhere match between Hideo Itami and Mustapha Ali. Some of the things these two did in this match was breathtaking to say the least. Now it seems after Ali got the win it will be him going one on one with Tony Neese to see who will challenge Buddy Murphy for the title next.


The second show was just as good as the first and had another very good hour full of brilliant in ring matches. The first saw Ligero and Wild Boar Mike Hitcham in a very fast paced match. Dokota Kai defeated Killer Kelly in a quick match. Then Ashton Smith got the win over Tucker with both really impressing. The main event of the show was another one that like last weeks is definitely worth watching. Tyler Bate and Wolfgang put together a fantastic match and after Bate got the win he is in line to get another chance to become U.K. Champion.


Mae Young Classic

Talk about saving the best till last. The last episode of this years Mae Young Classic had the two best matches in the whole tournament. The first in my opinion was the best as Toni Storm was able to defeat Meiko Satumura in an outstanding contest that was the best match in the WWE this week. The second was a great match with the larger Rhia Ripley dominating the majority of the match but Io Shirai would not be denied and found a way to win. The final in my opinion will easily be the best match on the whole of the Evolution PPV and it is the only one I am really looking forward to seeing.


Top 5 Matches This Week That Are Watching

5. EC3 vs Adam Cole-NXT

4. Tyler Bate vs Wolfgang-NXTUK

3. Io Shirai vs Rhia Ripley- Mae Young Classic

2. Mustapha Ali vs Hideo Itami- 205

1. Toni Storm vs Meiko Satumura- Mae Young Classic


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