Here are my thoughts on what happened on all the WWE Programmes that I have watched this week.



So there was even yet more build towards the Crown Jewel event with DX getting one over on the Brothers Of Destruction. While this was a nice piece of nostalgia it did highlight how old they are all getting especially HBK. Then there was Kurt Angles phone promo and a nice video package. The video packages just reminded me of a time when the WWF/WWE was awesome must see tv. Lashley lost to Balor after Lio Rush got involved but he was awarded a spot in the World Cup tournament. Only because Cena doesn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia. There was an appearance by Lesnar at the beginning of the show. It looked like he was going to inflict pain on to Corbin who was standing in the centre of the ring with the vancant Championship. Strowman hit the ring and took out Corbin but was swiftly taken down with an F5 from Lesnar. Now if it were me this show would of been built around Seth hunting down Dean Ambrose and extracting some revenge. They did a very short segment that really did nothing to advance this story. What makes it even more awkward is having Renee Young on commentary and her husband is playing a despicable heel. She was silent throughout the whole segment and also when it was mentioned after. Either they should involve her in the story or move her over to Smackdown. The face push of Elias continued and he was very entertaining with his usual concert but it got even more entertaining than usual as he went backstage and taunted Corbin. It was predictable that someone would jump Elias and after it was revealed to be Mahal it was even more obvious that there would be a match  between the two with Elias going over. The whole show was largely forgettable but it did enough to build towards Crown Jewel.



After yet another top name (Daniel Bryan) decided to pull out of Crown Jewel we where treated to what was for me at least the must see match of that show. Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles was easily the best match this week and I can’t wait to see these two go at it on a much larger stage. This was a fantastic match but the outcome was very predictable and then came Joe. So now we have gone back to AJ and Joe yet again with this match now taking place at Crown Jewel. To be honest I am a little tired of seeing this matchup and would of much rather it of been anyone else but Joe. When I saw all the Halloween stuff being bought to the ring I was ready to switch of however this match was probably the best Halloween gimmick match that I can remember. The New Day dressed as The Brood was entertaining and the match itself with The Bar had a lot of nice spots. There was more build toward Crown Jewel and the World Cup Tournament with a pointless Classic Smackdown Tag Team Main Event that Teddy Long would of been proud of between The Miz & Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy. Speaking of pointless, Nakamura retained The United States Championship in a basic match against R Truth. They are starting to build towards Survivor Series with the first match that has officially been announced being Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey. The Smackdown Women’s Champ had a short promo and while it is obvious she won’t win I’m sure she had already won over the fans that will be in attendance. This like Raw was a largely forgettable and missable show apart from the first match between AJ and DB. So just watch that then switch off and you will be fine.



The build towards NXT War Games was turned up a notch with three matches being announced.  The first was the Heavyweight title match between Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream. This did not sit well with Lars Sullivan who will get a match with The Dream next week. I hope they don’t add Sullivan to the match at War Games as I would much rather see Ciampa vs Dream one on one. After Nikki Cross was successful in a good match against Mercedes Martinez she was met in the ring with a very irate Candice LeRae who seemed unhappy that Cross was getting involved in the business of Gargano. Out came Black who was looking to seek revenge against Johnny. He tracked down Regal and got a match made for War Games against Gargano. This has the potential to be a show stealer and I am really looking forward to seeing Gargano perform as a heel. The War Games Match was the third match that was announced after an eight man brawl broke out all over the Full Sail Arena between all Four Members of The Undisputed Era against War Raiders, Ricochet and Pete Dunne. Regal announced that all eight men will get the chance to rip each other apart inside War Games. This is a more original War Games Style Match with a four on four match and I For see it being even better than the last years. The main highlight for this show for me was the debut of The Super King Of Bros Matt Riddle. The former UFC Fighter was more than impressive in his first match against Luke Menzies. The other two matches  on this show were predictable tag matches with Lorcan and Burch winning against the rather impressive Mendoza and Carrillo. Also The Street Profits got a measure of revenge after they defeated The Mighty in  This was a good show and is definitely worth watching if only for the awesome eight man brawl at the end.



If your going to watch one match from 205 then it should be the main event it was yet again another barn burner. Over the last few months both Nese and Ali have improved massively and it culminated with this awesome match. I’m glad Ali gets another shot at the title as he has earnt it after last weeks thrilling contest and this weeks was just as enjoyable. As for Nese, he more than deserves a chance to be the top guy in this show and I’m positive it will come soon. The rest of the show saw the continuation of the other two stories that are unfolding currently. There was a small amount of revenge gained as Kendrick defeated Gallagher. Then after Metalik squashed a jobber he was the third memeber of The Lucha House Party to have his mask ripped of his head by TJP. This one hour show is really entertaining and it’s a shame a lot of people still think of the word Cruiserweight as a dirty word and they are not worth watching. I think this roster is one or two top names (Balor and maybe Gargano) away from pushing the others for being the best WWE weekly show.



Episode 1

The first episode of two had three good matches and in my opinion the best match I have seen in NXT UK so far. Trent Seven picked up his first singles win over Saxon Huxley. The feud between The Coffey Brothers and Flash Morgan Webster continued as Flash got a win over Mark Coffey. Then the Coffey Brothers beat down Flash but they were quickly chased off by Travis Banks and Mark Andrews. Danny Burch made a huge statement as he polished off Sam Gradwell with ease. He then stated he wanted to face U.K. Champion Pete Dunne. Every main event so far from this show has been outstanding and the consistency of top class main event matches continued as Gibson was able to defeat Noam Dar in an outstanding contest. There is no doubt that Gibson is the most over heel on the roster as the fans just seem to love to hate this guy. He plays te role fantastically and he along with Noam told a great story throughout this match.




Episode 2

A faction has been formed with Wolfgang joining forces with The Coffey Brothers after Wolfgang lost a very good main event match against Mark Andrews. It was Andrews along with Flash Morgan Webster that were on the end of a beat down from these three Scottish brutes. This faction could take over the whole division and I could even see them take down the Champ (Pete Dunne) at some point.   The other matches on the show were okay but largely forgettable. Moustache Mountain defeated Saxon Huxley and Sam Gradwell. The Irishman Jordan Devlin was impressive as he was victorious over Tucker. The Women’s match on this episode saw Isla Dawn beat Nina Samuels. Again this was a largely forgettable show apart from maybe what happened after the main event.



Top 5 Matches This Week That Are Worth Watching


5. The Street Profits vs The Mighty- NXT

4. Wolfgang vs Mark Andrews- NXTUK

3. Tony Nese vs Mustapha Ali- 205

2. Zack Gibson vs Noam Dar- NXTUK

1. AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan- Smackdown


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