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The usual house show on tv was the main reason we stopped going to Raw and Smackdown here in the U.K. However this show while still terrible did have a few moments of story advancement that rarely ever happens on UK shows but the rest of this show was largely forgettable. While Crown Jewel was an awful show there was at least 3 things that some may of learnt from it that they didn’t know before.

1. They Still don’t see Braun Strowman as someone who can be the top guy and if they don’t see it now will they ever ? They would rather give the title back to a guy who barely appears on the show and the ratings plummeted whilst he was Champion last time.

2. The constant pushing and main events featuring Legends and Part Timers make all the full time roster look like mid carders at best. This is one of the main reasons this company sucks at the moment.

3. They will waste hours of tv time and the majority of a big show for a storyline involving a McMahon. But the guys and girls that bust their bodies on a nightly basis for this company get absolutely nothing in the way of an interesting storyline to help develop any sort of character.

They continued to make them all look like Mid Carders as Raw kicked off with Baron Corbin in the ring and the rest of the roster standing at the top of the ramp. Corbin blabbed on about Survivor Series being that one time of the year when Raw and Smackdown battle for brand supremacy. That is a load of horse shit !! They do their upmost throughout the rest of the year to remind everyone that Raw is and will always be the main show. You only have to look at the road to Wrestlemania every year and which show gets all the storylines with The returning legends. So Corbin announced that he would be the Captain for team Raw but would not be performing. Then he announced that Alexa Bliss would be the captain for the Women’s Raw team but also she would not be performing. Alexa did look good in a business suit. She was then interrupted by Kurt Angle who came out to full music and the Wrestlers parted to make way for the legend as they should. But it was the ending of a basic Angle promo when Kurt said It’s True It’s Dam True that made some look not even like mid carders but look like Marks. The worst was Bayley who’s gimmick is she is a fan girl but her saying it along with the other fans (and she was not the only one) made her look foolish. You would of never of seen that 10 or 20 years ago so why are they doing it now ? Imagine Austin marking out  in his prime when say Terry Funk returned and cut a promo next to him. No you can’t because that shit would not of happened back then and it shouldn’t be happening today.Then Braun interrupted Alexa and first kicked a security guard in the  chest so hard it nearly caved in on Impact. Then he chased after Corbin. The lamest brawl ever broke out between everyone on the stage as Strowman fought his way through and continued the chase.  So to get this show off to a hot start in the ring they gave us a six women tag match (like we don’t see enough of them) with six women who not only had the worst match on the whole Evolution show but have been in different varieties of this sort of match for months with no story or character development. Well they decided to add something to this feud but what they did was pathetic. As soon as Natalya told everyone she was going to wear her dad’s sun glasses to the ring everyone knew what the outcome would be. The match was dreadful at best and the finish was baffling. There was no outcome to the match, no bell was rung and nothing was announced it just finished with Ruby Riott snapping the sunglasses as a way to distract Natalya from locking in the Sharpshooter. Natalya did a great job selling this by believably crying and the snot bubbles were a nice touch. I would just like to know who pitched that idea and how did all of the creative team end up thinking this was a good idea. But that could be said about everything this company does at the moment. Just look at how stupid they made Strowman look on this episode. He was out smarted by a reporter. After Strowman chased Corbin away from the ring he could not find Corbin for the rest of the night but Charlie the backstage reporter seemed to find it rather easy as she was able to do a couple of interviews with Corbin throughout the night. Corbin even commented on how she kept on finding him. It was kind of like a bad Bugs Bunny cartoon with Strowman playing the part of Elmer Fudd. They are still going with the Balor/Lashley feud when it is clear to anyone with a brain that Balor would be better off feuding with someone more the size of Lio Rush instead of Lashley. He is smaller than a lot of guys on the 205 roster and as they are not doing anything with him why not send him over to that show and help get others on that show over. After Balor was beaten down by Lashley, McIntyre came out. It seemed as though he was there to save Balor after he stood eye to eye with Lashley. But after Lashley left it was Balor who fell victim to McIntyre. I guess they are not going with McIntyre and Strowman for now. They didn’t mention anything of the feud and there was no reaction from both to the announcement they would be teaming together at Survivor Series. While Rousey is improving in the ring her promos really suck. This was probably her worst scripted one yet. The one guy at the moment that has developed a great character by doing very little in the ring and is the most over Babyface in the WWE is Elias. Why everyone thinks that being a “Great In Ring Performer” is all you need to get you over is baffling. Now I’m not saying Elias is not good in the ring, I’m saying that when you think of  legends like Austin, The Rock, Mankind and Undertaker they were over more for their characters than what they did in the ring. Everyone remembers Austin driving the beer truck to the ring but who can recall every great match he had, I’m not saying he didn’t have any as he had countless but he is remembered more for what he did out of the ring than for what he did in it. To many wrestlers today are more worried about having a five star match than creating a compelling character when that star rating actually means nothing (it’s just one persons opinion), where a great character could make you a Real World Wide Superstar  (look where The Rock is now). Elias was awesome he had the crowd in the palm of his hand and is the only performer who can do that at the moment. He had a decent match with Ziggler and got a  surprising win. They finally had something worth getting invested in after Ambrose turned on Rollins. But again the most important part to any turn is how they follow it up and yet again they have fucked it up. The last two weeks there have been a small segment with nothing happening except Rollins basically crying about what had happened and wanting to know why. This week after Rollins lost the tag titles in a handicap match to The Authors Of Pain he was hit with a Dirty Deeds by Ambrose. Rollins shouldn’t be looking for answers he should be hunting down Ambrose and seeking revenge. Why is he not at the very least doing what Strowman was doing this week and searching backstage for Ambrose. It is clear that Nia Jax has become the Female equivalent of The Big Show.  What I mean by that is she has been turned heel and face so many times that she probably doesn’t know what she is anymore, just like Show. I don’t get why they make women team up ? Surely they all have the same goal in mind, to be champion. If there was a female tag division I would get why Tamina and Nia are teaming up. I hope they don’t do that as they fuck up every title they have now. I can’t think how they would be able to manage yet another title.  It was meant to be Angle vs Corbin but that got changed to Angle vs McIntyre and it was the second singles match Angle has had in only a few days since his return to the WWE. The most shocking thing was he lost both matches. I get putting over younger talent but there was hardly any build to the match at Crown Jewel and this one in Raw could of been built up throughout the night but there was nothing. Also the two matches this American Hero has had (and lost) have not taken place in the U.S. There is nothing on this show now that makes me want to watch. How can you have a wrestling show and not have the Champ on it on a regular basis ? And how is the championship not the main focus of the show ? They really have fucked up this whole show and everyone on it.



Some how they managed to make Smackdown suck even more than Raw. There was a pathetic in ring segment to start the show with Paige and Shane. It seemed like Shane was on the verge of being a full blown heel throughout this segment but the line where he said he won the World Cup for the fans was the sort of cringe worthy thing you come to expect from this company. Then like Raw they started to pick teams like they are back on the playground again. They picked Daniel Bryan to be captain however this did not sit well with The Miz who had valid reasons as to why he should be captain. The crowd in attendance agreed with The Miz and then Shane made them Co Captains. This strange bedfellow story was entertaining throughout the show but we all know it’s leading nowhere. The tag match between The Usos and The New Day was yet another one to add to the awesome matches these two teams have had. Again it leads to a match at Survivor Series that means absolutely nothing. I did like the intensity throughout Becky Lynch’s promo but I’m still not sure about this whole I’m The Man thing. Again her upcoming match with Ronda does have a very predictable outcome but It’s probably one of the only matches I am looking forward to seeing. Another former NXT that everyone thought would be succesful on the main roster was Andrade Cien Almas but like the majority that has come before him he is being buried only a few months after moving up. This is supposedly something that Vince has always liked to do. Having read Chris Jericho’s books it was something that happened to him and he found out from Bret Hart that this is what Vince does. He breaks you down then tries to build you back up in his vision. He did it to so many who have come before and there are even more today that you can point at as an example of this. But giving away this match that many thought could have had a very interesting story behind it was given away for no reason on TV for free with no story and no follow up to it. The main event did have a stipulation to it so that made it a little more interesting. But I just could get interested in a Samoa Joe/Jeff Hardy Match. This was a basic match with an okay finish. Then there was the same old story that we get for Survivor Series with the team members having problems with each other and we are supposed to be contemplating how will they ever be able to work together. Just like the whole show it was really pathetic.



The main event of the show with Lars Sullivan defeating Velveteen Dream was okay but I don’t think they should add Lars to the match at War Games. I would much rather see a singles match between Ciampa and Dream. There was a Gargano promo and video package for his match at War Games with Aliester Black and there was another video package for the War Games Match. One of the highlights of the show was Matt Riddle with Kieth Lee backstage Bro !! Maybe also a feud in the future for the pair with Kassius Ohno. Heavy Machinery beat The Forgotten Sons in a pointless tag match. In another cold match Dakota Kai beat Taynara Conti. There was some build for War Games on this show but apart from the main event this was a forgettable show.



The Lucha House Party got the upper hand in their fued with TJP and Mike Kanellis with a win in a tag team match that no one cared about the fans were chanting for Nigel for the whole of this match and it continued for the majority of the show. Lio Rush won a squash match. The main event with Buddy Murphy defeating Mark Andrews in a predictable match is still worth watching.



There were two episodes again this week of NXTUK. Still very basic not much story telling or character development just a lot of in ring action. While all the matches are very good every show is exactly the same as the last. Yes the main event every week is usually the best match of the week in WWE but apart from that it’s getting old fast. Gibson is easily the best heel on the show and I do like this group with Wolfgang and The Coffey Brothers. Pete Dunne had a very good title match with Danny Burch and the rest of the matches were basically predictable squash matches.


Top 5 Matches Worth Watching This Week

5. Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle- Raw

4. Lars Sullivan vs Velveteen Dream- NXT

3. Buddy Murphy vs Mark Andrews-205

2. Rey Mysterio vs Andrade Cien Almas- Smackdown

1. Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch- NXTUK



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