Where do I even begin with this crap ?  The entire show was summed up perfectly with the line of the night from Michael Cole after the main event of the show “What Was The Point Of That”. So at least Stephanie didn’t castrate Strowman at the beginning of the show like she would normally do. But Strowman‘s last line of this segment when he said he would neuter Corbin was enough to do the job himself. How do you fuck up a guy like Bobby Lashley ? You get him to bend over and show everyone his arse. And why Sunglasses? Yes Lio Rush is doing better but the arse thing will never get anyone over. Are they ribbing him ? At least Elias was really entertaining and saved this segment. He is one of a few that seem to understand it is more about what you do out of the ring than what you do in it. The other guy that should be in the main event is Drew McIntyre. He is awesome and so much better than what they are doing with him right now. They just can’t seem to do anything right at the moment and the whole Dean and Seth thing is just another in a long line of things they seem to get wrong. Okay so Dean’s promo was good but why was he inside with that fire and why should Seth care if he burnt the Vest ? Did Seth buy it for him? Then Seth left the ring and I thought he would of gone and try to find Dean but they did nothing else with them for the rest of the show. So what are we meant to think ? Seth went to the back and had a good cry in the showers over Dean dumping him. Then there is the awkwardness of Renee (Dean’s Wife) being part of the commentary team and not being able to play some part in this story at all which is just weird . How many time have they done the sorry/ not sorry thing with Women now. It seems that’s all they can think up with them and it’s pathetic. Ruby is talented and does deserve better than this crap. So they have made Bayley and Sasha look like even bigger idiots. It was obvious what was going to happen at the end of this match except to the two in the ring. Then came the usual invasion segment by Smackdown they love to do every year. I did like what happened backstage and I think that’s where they should of ended it. What they did in the ring was pointless and now karma has bitten them in the arse. The one person who should of been protected during that brawl was Becky. She was in the only match at Survivor Series that had a slither of interest in it to some fans. What happened to her should not of happened and in my opinion it is a clear example of how so many of the women are overrated and should not be working at this level.

There was only two things of interest on this show. So we saw what happened to Becky Lynch and I have said it countless times before, Nia Jax is an overrated clumsy oaf. There is no excuse for what she did. The video clearly shows her looking at Becky so she knew who it was and then she Punched her as hard as she could in the face. If she is such a great pro then maybe this would not of happened, maybe she was pissed at Becky and this was a revenge thing or like I said she is just a big clumsy oaf and no one is safe when working with her. This is not the first time she has hurt someone because of her clumsiness and if they keep letting her work at this level I guarantee Becky won’t be the last. The whole segment with Becky and the rest of the women on Smackdown was the worst segment I have watched in the history of Pro Wrestling and proved that the majority of the women can’t work safely and they also have zero idea about staying in character and following a story. Why was Charlotte on Raw last night when for weeks she didn’t want anything to do with this Survivor Series Match. Then there she was Becky’s biggest rival to date and she was clapping while Becky was giving her speech. Then the two fucking hugged and killed any heat they ever had. Then all the girls hugged and completely destroyed their characters. How will anyone buy any of them having any heat when they are all hugging and crying together every other week. So they threw away Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship on an episode of Smackdown. It was a good match and they did pull a surprise out of their hats by turning Bryan Heel. You have to feel for the balls of AJ. They have taken one hell of a beating this year. I do prefer heel Bryan but I’m not confident they will know how to book him. At least we get to see him go one on one with Lesnar and not the same match as last year with AJ.
The only interesting part of the show that was not a boring squash match was the match between Kyle O’Rielly and Hanson. This was put together brilliantly and having the stakes to the match only made it that more interesting. This was a great way to build up for the War Games Match and as usual the Heels have the advantage.
The only time I could buy Kendrick as a Babyface was when his name was Spanky. The only match worth watching on this is the match between Rush and Alexander. It’s a fast paced contest that you can’t take your eyes off of.
Another double episode and it’s just more of the same. Loads of boring squash matches, no character development, boring generic promos and no heat at all. This show is Boring.
Top 5 Match Worth Watching This Week
5. Jeff Hardy vs Andrade Cien Almas- Smackdown
4. Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler-Raw
3. Cedric Alexander vs Lio Rush-205
2. Kyle O’Rielly vs Hanson-NXT
1. Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles- Smackdown

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