NXT War Games

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review of NXT War Games
Matt Riddle def Kassius Ohno

NXT Women’s Championship
2 Out Of 3 Falls
Shayna Baszler def Kairi Sane

Aliester Black defeated Johnny Gargano

NXT Championship
Tommaso Ciampa def Velveteen Dream

War Games
Pete Dunne, Ricochet & War Raiders def Undisputed Era

It was hard to imagine they would be able to Top last year but somehow they did. Yes this show is all about the main event but the undercard for this was outstanding.It was a very pleasant surprise to see the King Of Bros come to the ring at the negatives of the show. He was a bit pissed off about what Ohno had said on the Kickoff show and he wanted their match now instead of next week. If you are going to squash someone this is the best way to do it. A split second after the bell rang Riddle hit a flying knee to the face of Ohno and knocked him out. The Ref counted the pin and it was all over in a matter of seconds. It was a carbon copy of when Riddle did it to Trent Six (oops I mean Seven) at Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 a few years ago. Just when you thought Shayna and Kairi couldn’t top what they had already accomplished together they go and pull this gem of a match out of the bag. This proved Shayna is more than ready to make that step up and possibly be a viable challenger for Ronda. Kairi was fantastic and showed a lot of heart throughout. I didn’t think this match needed as much interference as it had but I guess it added to the story they were trying to tell. The Black/Gargano Match was everything we could of asked for and so much more. It was a great story that was told and it was followed up and finished off with a perfect performance. Surely now Black will go
after the title. I’m not sure where they go with Gargano now ? Unless he is being moved up ? Or on his way to 205 ? He would certainly be a great addition to that roster. Another tribute paid to one the greatest performer of all time as The Dream dressed as Hollywood Hogan. This was another great title defence by Ciampa. He is having one of the best runs as champion and I see no reason why he would not be considered one of the best NXT Champions ever. When they announced last year that they were bringing War Games to NXT I like many was worried that it would never live up to the legendary matches we saw in the NWA/WCW days but last years and most certainly this years are more than equal to any of those matches that made this attraction so awesome. Every single person in this match gave more than you could ever ask. They sacrificed their career longevity to entertain us in this sick, twisted structure. I can’t say that anyone really stood out in this match, they all shone throughout the match. I was surprised Undisputed Era lost and that Adam Cole are the fall. But it was awesome seeing Pete Dunne who I saw years ago as the first match on many British Indy shows, not only play a huge part in this match but he along with Ricochet got the win. I could not be more proud and delighted to see where this talented young man taken his career. He should be in line for a shot at the NXT Championship at some point surely. This was an outstanding show, yet again there is no way the main roster will ever be able to top this with the shit they have lined up tomorrow. This was a three hour show full of matches that had either stakes, a story or both. Something that is seriously lacking in the main roster shows consistently.


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