WWE Weekly


After a pointless Six Man tag Strowman got beat down by Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre. Why do the tag match why not just have them do this during the awful promo or instead of it backstage with Strowman hunting down Corbin but he has got Drew and Bobby to help him after he promised them whatever they want with him having the power as GM. The beat down was nothing that we have not seen before. But it does seem like Braun will be out for a while. The only other interesting part of this show was they finally managed to get Rollins to go after Ambrose backstage and they did a decent job at threading it throughout the whole of the show. The finish to it was okay but this should of happened weeks ago. Everyone is bitching about what Ambrose said with Roman Reigns and his cancer. But you have to remember he is playing a part in a show and someone wrote this that obviously has no idea how to generate any heat for a heel so they go for cheap heat instead. The rest of this show was forgettable and the piss jokes were the cherry on top of the steaming pile of shit that this show was.



After they had been well and truly squashed by Raw at Survivor Series and with all the tweets Shane put out about how action would be taken after the embrassment that took place on Sunday I thought heads would roll. But for some reason nothing happened. I thought Shane would be out there at the beginning of the show and berate his roster then tell them that everyone that was in action tonight would be fighting for their jobs. If they lost they would be fired and then he would follow through with it. This would be a great way to get a few over to Raw like some tag teams and maybe a storyline for someone who some how gets their job back on Smackdown. But they did nothing. The show was dreadful, they can’t decide whether Charlotte is a heel or face as she flitted between the two throughout her promo and match with one of the Knockoff Bella’s. Daniel Bryan gave an awful promo in which he had the lamest reason as to why he turned heel last  week and where was AJ ?



This was just a few dark matches from Takeover  that are not worth the time watching



If you have been a fan of the Indy scene in the UK then you know that you can see all these guys and girls at more entertaining shows than this and have done for a long time now. This is a bad version of a British Indy show and it’s getting boring fast.



Another show that had nothing interesting on it. TJP and Kanellis still feuding with The Lucha House Party was probably the only interesting thing that happened.


Top Five Matches Worth Watching This Week

There Were None !!!


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