WWE Offer Kenny Omega Fantastic Deal

When the Referee’s hand  hit the mat for a third time at the end of the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 13 I am sure like myself there where many others who thought “What’s Next For Omega?”

Well the rumours have been flying thick and fast ever since, with the big one being that WWE have offered The Cleaner a fantastic deal.

I am sure many assumed that Omega would be joining up with his buddies in the newly formed promotion All Elite Wrestling. While that would be a good choice and I’m sure it would help that company challenge the dominance of WWE it is a big risk for Omega to take at this point in his career. At 35 and the most popular Pro Wrestler in the world outside of the WWE, his time at the top is getting shorter and you would think the sensible choice would be to take the offer that is offering the most money and a not too gruelling work schedule. While I’m certain WWE could give Omega the price he desires I’m not sure if he would want to undertake the intense work program they have. Staying put in Japan is an option but he has spent the majority of his career there so what is there left for him to do in NJPW. The best choice may actually be joining AEW. I know they would be able to offer him a deal that would equal what ever the WWE would offer and the work schedule would easily be a lot lighter. He would also be working with his very close friends in The Bucks and Cody.

I personally would like  him to join his Elite cohorts in AEW and attempt to help them become a serious challenger to the dominance of the WWE. It is something that mainstream Pro Wrestling has desperately needed since the demise of WCW. While TNA gave it a try but due to poor management they never reached the status of being a viable threat to WWE. Ever since the scene has got worse and WWE have certainly suffered from not having competition to push them to make themselves better.

Wherever Kenny Omega ends up one thing is certain he will be a huge success and any company would be extremely lucky to have someone of his incredible talent.


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