50 Wrestlers That All Elite Wrestling Should Think About Signing

So with Cody and The Bucks helping start this new company many have started fantasising about who else they would sign in the near future. The only two others that have been announced are Hangman Page and Brit Baker. There is also talk that they may have a working relationship with NJPW. Now that would help them using a lot of their top talent and also allow Cody, The Bucks and Page to work in Japan. But I think that with NJPW already having a working relationship with Ring Of Honor who would obviously see themselves as a rival to All Elite Wrestling this will not happen. Also these talent relationship between two companies seems so B league. If they really want to change the game like they say they will then they will have to sign all their talent to contracts that permit them from working for any other company just like WWE do. Talking of changing the game here are fifty wrestlers that I think would be great for this company and I think could help them actually change the game and challenge WWE to the number one spot. Something that has not happened since WCW changed the game in 1996 and became the number one show. It is something that would give a boost to Pro Wrestling in general and could even force WWE to improve.


1. Kenny Omega- With out a doubt the most wanted Pro Wrestler in the world currently. He may of been offered a deal by WWE but he is someone who is a must for AEW to sign. He would be a huge part in helping them challenge the WWE

2. Chris Jericho- Someone who was a huge  part of the whole AEW rumour right from the start. I would assume Jericho is one of their targets. He would be a great asset as he is a legend in WWE and known by even the most casual of wrestling fans. He brings his own set of fans wherever he goes and there is no doubt they would support him if he were to choose to sign with them.

3/4/5 SCU- Three guys that have been a huge part of Being The Elite on Youtube are Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. I would be shocked if these three are not on the roster at some point down the line.

6/7 The Briscoe Brothers- One of the best tag teams in the world and have had some of the best tag matches I have ever seen in Pro Wrestling with The Young Bucks. They would be an awesome addition to this roster.

8. PAC (FKA Neville)- A former WWE superstar would bring his own fan base and would be another that WWE only fans would know and may want to watch.

9. Tessa Blanchard- The second generation star was the best female wrestler in 2018 in my opinion and would be someone who they could build the women’s divison around.

10. Enzo Amore- Many may laugh at this choice but no one can deny the guy creates controversy. He may be a struggle for some to get on with backstage but again those fans he did have in WWE may be willing to watch him on a new show like AEW.

11. Will Ospreay- There is no question of the talent Ospreay has and he is so enjoyable to watch perform. He is someone who I see all the top companies attempting to gain his services in the very near future so he is someone they should try to snap up pretty quick.

12. Zack Sabre Junior- Another top UK Star who is having a fantastic run in Japan. His style is very different to most but again he is another The should try to sign quick as he is sort after by every top promotion.

13. Marty Scurll- I know he has a contract with Ring Of Honor but I’m sure as soon as it does expire The Villain will jump ship and join his Elite Team Mates.


14. David Starr- In my opinion he is one of the best indie wrestlers around today. He is great in ring and also on the mic. I think he is more than ready to be signed by a top promotion. It’s baffling to me that no one has attempted to sign him up already.


15. Pentagon Jr- He went one on one with Omega at All In and is the best Luchador around today. He is another that WWE have been trying to lure and would be a blow to their rivals if they did get his signature.


16. Rey Fenix- The brother of Pentagon would more than likely follow his brother if he signed. He is the best high flyer around at the moment and is another that  is so enjoyable to watch perform.


17. Kay Lee Ray- One of the best female wrestlers to come out of the UK. She is someone again that I’m baffled as to why she has not been signed up to NXT UK. But she would be a fantastic performer to have for the women’s roster.


18. Jordynne Grace- She featured in the Battle Royal at All In and made quite the impression. She has been amazing performing for Impact Wrestling over the last few months and would be another who they could build that divison around.


19. Jimmy Havoc- Deathmatch Wrestling does have a huge following and if they go with have a more mature show then someone like Havoc who is arguably one of the best at that style would be the perfect fit.


20. Sami Callihan- He has been been the best heel in Pro Wrestling in 2018 and could be a huge part of the show with his talent at garnering so much heat.


21/22. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) They were the best tag team in 2018 and would be brilliant in the tag division. I know I’m not the only one who would want to see them have at least one match with The Young Bucks.


23. Joey Ryan- He is another who has been a part in Being The Elite and had one of the best storylines for ALL IN.  I would think he is someone they would already have in line to sign soon.


24. Austin Aries- He has held championships in every promotion he has  worked for and would be an ideal performer for this company.


25. Brian Cage- He was in the Battle Royal at All In and this freak of nature would definitely be a big player for any major promotion.


26. Kushida- There is talk that he is leaving NJPW and that the WWE are interested. But if other smaller Japanese WWE wrestlers like Itami and Tozawa are anything to go by you could see why I think he would be better suited joining AEW.


27. Joey Janella- Yes He is recuperating from a serious injury. But after the awesome match he had with Page at All In he surely is someone they would want in their roster.


28. Brian Pillman Jr- He had a fantastic 2018 on the Indies and I think this son of a legend would be some that could be as good as his father was. Why no one has offered him a contract already is ludicrous.


29.  Matt Cross- Another guy who was on the main card of All In. A fantastic high flyer and could have a great match with anyone.


30. MJF- Another guy who was on All In and had a great 2018. Supposedly Cody is a fan of him so he is someone I think is already on their wish list.


31. Shane Strickland- He has been one of the best Indy workers I have seen in the last few years and is another that baffles me as to why he has not already been signed by a top promotion.


32/33 Aussie Open- They have been the best tag team performing in the UK in 2018 and are only getting better. Both Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis could both be as successful as singles competitors as they are a team.


34. Angelico- The extremely talented South African has been impressive in his time in Lucha Underground and AAA. He has his own huge fan base and I’m sure they would love to see him on the big stage.


35. Teddy Hart- This third generation wrestler is still incredibly talented and his family name brings its own set of fans along with it.


36. Matt Lawlor- The former UFC fighter has adapted to pro wrestling incredibly fast and could possibly get a small portion of MMA fans wanting to watch him compete as a Pro Wrestler.


37. Viper- She has got better and better over the last few years and is becoming one of the best female wrestlers in the world surely a welcome addition to the women’s divison.


38. Su Yung- She has been really impressive in her run in Impact Wrestling. She has a very intriguing character and would be something completely different to all the other women I see them signing.


39/40 UK Hooligans- One wrestling family that’s popularity will increase when the film Fighting With My Family is released next year. The brothers Roy and Zak Knight  are one of the best teams to ever be produced in the UK. They would be a very exciting duo for the tag division.


41. Saraya Knight- Like Roy and Zak I’m positive her popularity will grow even more. She is one of the most experienced female wrestlers in the world and could be an excellent leader for the women’s roster.


42. Ricky Knight Jr- The son of Roy Knight and Nephew of WWE’s Paige this youngster is probably the most talented performer to come out of that family and I am positive he will be signed by a major promotion in the very near future.


43. Ricky Shane Page- He is known mainly for his deathmatch wrestling but he is a very good technical wrestler and if they go down the violent path he would be perfect for that genre.


44. Shane Taylor- One of the best big men in the business today. There are not to many big men in wrestling these days so he would be something different from the norm.


45. Nick Aldis- He may already be signed to NWA but that has not done much over the last few months. They could always have a talent share deal and the NWA title being defended on AEW would be a massive bonus.


46. TK Cooper- Another very talented wrestler that has come from Down Under. He has had a good few years on the UK Indy scene.


47. John Morrison- The former WWE superstar has been a success for every promotion he has wrestled for. He had a superb 2018 having some of the best matches I saw last year for Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground.


48. PCO- A veteran who has done a fantastic job recreating himself. His gimmick is brilliant and would love to see him given one more run.


49. Low Ki- Has been in fine form last year for MLW and would be excellent for this roster.


50. CM Punk- If they are really going to change the game like they say they are going to then he is the one person who could help them do it. He still has a massive fan base and I am certain they would all flock to AEW to see him back in a Pro Weestling ring.




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