Chris Jericho Talks Possibility Of CM Punk Signing With AEW & His Relationship With Vince McMahon

Last week Chris Jericho officially signed with All Elite Wrestling, and now fans are wondering who could be signing with the promotion in the future.

CM Punk’s name is one that comes up a lot in regards to potential signings for AEW, and Chris Jericho recently spoke about how AEW would love to have Punk.

“CM Punk’s not so much a free agent as he is a retired wrestler, from what I understand. Of course, we’d love to have Punk come in there.”

Jericho also talked about his current relationship with Vince McMahon, and he said that there’s no ill will between the two of them.

“I spoke to Vince before I signed, and he knew it. The words we exchanged were very amicable, and it wasn’t like it was a surprise. Business is business. Vince McMahon is my friend; I respect him, I love the guy — no ill will whatsoever, just the business road took me this way. I would’ve been crazy not to do it because I might insult somebody. I think the first guy who would agree with that is Vince.”

Below is the interview in full


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