Smackdown Live January 15th 2019

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review for Smackdown 15th January 2019.




Becky Lynch defeated Peyton Royce

Match Rating:⭐️



Asuka defeated Billie Kay

Match Rating:N/A


Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio

Match Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Miz defeated Sheamus

Match Rating:⭐️⭐️




Like last nights show they are definitely putting more effort in to the creative and storytelling side of things rather than just concentrating on the in ring action. The opening segment with Becky arriving was good and I do like her confidence and swagger. Her in ring part with Asuka was okay but she still seems to be to scripted and forced I think she should be allowed to improvise more. The whole segment went way to long so did Becky’s Match I thought it should of been a quick squash like Asuka’s was. But this was far better than what they are doing with the women’s title on Raw. Why they needed to show Lacey Evans watching was pointless. But they are really trying to get the characters of the new call ups over with these eccentric spots. I would hope they build on their characters away from the ring for a few weeks before we see what show they end up on. This may actually help those who don’t know them get to know their characters. It was a bit strange how they cut off Becky and Asuka with AJ coming out. But what was even stranger was there was no quicker way from backstage to the concession stands so he had to take a short cut out to the ring and up the stands through the fans. The start of his promo had a very  90’s wrestling feel to it and not in a good way. But I did like when he was finally cut off by Bryan and the two had a great pull apart brawl. They are really giving the women  a chance to show what they are capable of. I did like the idea of Mandy trying to seduce Jimmy but what they did made no sense. After Jimmy got a present containing  a key card to Mandy’s hotel room he went there with a camera man who Mandy obviously did not see when some random photographer jumped out and took pictures.  Then she said she would use them to ruin his marriage with Naomi. But  surely Naomi will watch Smackdown and see what has happened. I did like the brawl Mandy and Naomi did have in the hotel room after Jimmy walked out of the room. I think it would of been more entertaining if Jey had gone and pretended to be Jimmy and see how far he could get with Mandy before Jimmy and Naomi appear and then Naomi beats her ass. I do like that they are doing more riskier adult themed content and I won’t complain when I get to see Mandy Rose rolling around on a hotel floor in lingerie with Naomi. They are trying to make Joe a monster again but after he has been of the losing side of feuds with AJ and Daniel Bryan it’s hard to believe what they are trying to sell with him. I did like how he beat down Ali but that really didn’t mean much. Now those who love quality in ring action got a hell of treat as Mysterio and Almas (sadly they have dropped the rest of his name just like they did to others like Cesaro, Big E and Apollo). Their match is a must see, the timing and athleticism is outstanding. It’s a shame it was given away for free on TV, this could of been a fantastic match to open a big show like the Rumble. At least Almas got the win thanks to outside interference from Selina so I guess there is a way they could use that to tell a story for them to have a rematch. The Bestie Birthday segment was largely hard to watch but I do like that Miz is trying to make the best of a shit situation. His match with Sheamus was better than I thought it would of been. It was probably because it felt more spontaneous with the Miz wrestling in his suit. Shane did not need to do the coast to coast but I guess they things can’t change to much as they build for another McMahon Wrestlemania Match. It is so obvious that is what is going to happen. After Miz and Shane win the tag titles at the Rumble, I predict they will have some sort of high risk tag match (TLC perhaps) with maybe The Usos and The New Day.


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