AEW & AAA Announce Partnership


All Elite Wrestling has formed a partnership with Mexico’s Lucha Libre AAA.


Ahead of  Double or Nothing ticket announcement party, AEW and AAA uploaded a video confirming the relationship between the companies. In the video, AAA’s Dorian Roldan said that AEW and AAA’s alliance will present new surprises to the fans. He also said that there will be an exchange of talent between the promotions.

Cody Rhodes then commented on the AEW-AAA partnership at the ticket announcement party. He said AAA’s mission of providing the best lucha libre with an emphasis on modern stars stands up next to AEW’s mission of providing fans with the best sports-centric pro wrestling show on the planet.

The AEW-AAA alliance is an interesting move politically given the partnership that exists between New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and CMLL.

This is the second partnership with another promotion that AEW has announced. At last month’s Double or Nothing rally, Matt Jackson revealed that AEW is working with China’s Oriental Wrestling Entertainment.

AAA also has a working relationship with Impact Wrestling.

Here’s the video announcing AEW and AAA’s partnership:

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