It is being reported that Sasha Banks wants out of WWE.



After days of speculation following her cancelation of the Wendy Williams Show,  it has been reported that Sasha Banks wanted to leave WWE over the WrestleMania weekend.

Sasha Banks was under the impression that she and Bayley would have the opportunity to have a strong run with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles in an effort to establish them as serious championships. That didn’t happen, as the duo dropped the titles at WrestleMania 35 to the IIconics. For what it’s worth, we’d not heard of any heat between the two teams.

It was reported that Banks was given a few weeks to think things over before making what the company figured was a rash decision, but sources throughout the week had compared it to The Revival. In January, the team expressed their frustration backstage and were asked to ride it out for a period of time and that things would improve for a while. We were told that Bayley was also clearly frustrated by the entire situation.


In addition, there was also talk of Alexa Bliss gaining the upper hand on both Banks and Bayley physically on Raw, which has been reported throughout the week. We’re not told if this was just to be a physical altercation or an actual match, but Banks and Bliss ended up going back and forth on social media on Tuesday.


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