Here are the match results, my match ratings and review for Impact Wrestling Rebellion.







Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams, Jake Crist, Aiden Prince, Cousin Jake and Eddie Edwards




Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Rohit Raju

Match Rating:⭐️⭐️1/2




Moose & The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated The Rascalz (Trey, Dez & Wentz)

MATCH RATING:⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2





Taya Valkyrie defeated Jordynne Grace






Rich Swann defeated Sami Callihan





Tessa Blanchard defeated Gail Kim

MATCH RATING:⭐️⭐️⭐️3/4




Brian Cage defeated Johnny Impact






LAX defeated The Lucha Bros





There is no doubt Impact Wrestling is doing a lot of things better than the number 1 promotion. This PPV from top to bottom was fantastic, yes there where some parts that I was not too keen on but the majority of it surpassed all expectations I had. The first match was the best way to start a show with a 10 minute spot fest. I had not seen some of the participants before and I was pleasantly surprised with the new talent on show. Then there was Petey Williams who is as good as he has ever been. He hit an amazing Canadian Destroyer but he was surprised from behind by the opportunistic Ace Austin who got the win with a Roll Up. I like many thought Scarlett Bordeaux was just another pretty face but oh how wrong I was. She has improved tremendously and I am sure it is in large part to the feud she had with Glenn Gilbertti. The match was not the best wrestling match ever but they told a great story and Scarlett is far better than a lot of the women that are in bigger spots with bigger companies. The Rascalz are a very entertaining team, I like the gimmick and what they do in the ring but they got their arses handed to them by Moose and The North. I have not seen much of Ethan Page in Impact but what I had seen was okay. But now he has bought in Josh Alexander he has improved massively, this tag team could go on to great things in this company. I thought they were building Grace to be the next champion but it was not to be as Taya retained.  One thing Impact are doing better is storytelling and promos. The one Callihan cut and the story for this match was first class. I just thought it was time to let Callihan win gold in Impact. He is by far the best character they have at this time. So people can bang on about “The Man” all they want but for me the best Female Wrestler in the World is Tessa Blanchard. This match with Gail Kim someone who many including myself considered her the best female wrestler the world at one time, was absolutely phenomenal. The story, the match and the finish were absolutely perfect. Another thing Impact are doing is putting women in matches that have a compelling story attached to it. With the three matches involving women not only did they prove how good they are in the ring they also demonstrated how talented they are at storytelling. Even though I am not a fan of crying wrestlers the scene at the end with the passing of the torch was a nice touch. Another well planned and thought out story was that surrounding the World Championship. Imagine a story involving the title and not just a match where someone won a match to be the number one contender or was just given a shot for no reason ? How original ! This was a brilliant detailed story, what they did with the Ref and how it went back for months with no one realising was great storytelling. While I think Cage is a great Champion, I do think there was a lot more they could of done with Johnny Impact as a heel champion. After Cage won the title out came Michael Elgin. If he is coming in for the long term this is a fantastic addition to the already talented roster. Now I have seen LAX vs The Lucha Bros multiple times now but for me this was by far the best one yet. There is no question these two teams are up there as the best in the world and yet again they proved why with this outstanding contest. My only concern is that these guys are not going to be able to go much longer if they keep doing matches where they are taking these sort of risks in matches. Many will say why was the World title not the main event but this match proved why Tag Team Wrestling deserves to be put in this position. It’s just a shame that the number 1 company in the world doesn’t care about Tag Team wrestling like Impact does.

I cant remember the last time I have not been impressed by an Impact Wrestling PPV. They are really improving every time I watch and it is only making Wrestling better for the fans the more they improve.



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