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WWE fans here is my Recap of RAW that took place last night at The Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

RAW opened up with Alexa Bliss coming out and making her way to the ring. Once in the ring Bliss welcomed everybody to A Very Special Moment Of Bliss. Then said in less than 3 weeks at The Excel Center in Hartford, Connecticut WWE will be hosting it’s annual Money In The Bank event. This event will once again host 2 Money In The Bank Ladder Matches 1 for the men and 1 for the women. Each match will feature 8 wrestlers 4 from RAW and 4 from Smackdown with a contract for a championship match anywhere anytime hanging on the balance with the 2 Money In The Bank briefcases hanging above the ring. Then she introduced the 4 men representing RAW in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Money In The Bank The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman who won the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Money In The Bank Ladder Match last year who came out and made his way to the ring. The One And Only Ricochet who came out and made his way to the ring. Drew McIntyre / Galloway who came out and made his way to the ring. The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin who won the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Money In The Bank in June 2017 who came out with a mic in hand on his way to the ring where he said he is going to become a 2 time Money In The Bank Contract Winner which the fans booed then he got in the ring. With everybody in the ring Ricochet said to Corbin or or is that 2 time loser he means Corbin the first time he won the Money In The Bank Contract when he cashed it in on Smackdown before Summerslam 2 years ago he failed against then WWE Champion The Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal after Corbin took his eye off of Mahal to get rid of John Cena who was on the ring apron and Mahal took advantage of the opening and beat Mahal and retained the WWE Championship. Corbin acted like he didn’t hear a word Ricochet said to him. Then he said to Ricochet did his mammy let him out to play he’s got a big then McIntyre / Galloway intervened and said to Corbin Ricochet has got a point he means just last week on RAW after he (Corbin) stole his victory in a Triple Threat Match between them 2 and The Miz where McIntyre / Galloway hit Miz with the clay more kick then Corbin sneaked in to the ring threw McIntyre / Galloway out of the ring then covered Miz for the 3 count and the win with him saying to Corbin what did he do with that opportunity oh yeah he blew it after he lost to The Phenomenal AJ Styles in the main event last week on RAW. Corbin said ok look last week on RAW that wasn’t fair Styles had about 2 hours to prepare and he had like 60 or 65 minutes. McIntyre / Galloway said alright he doesn’t want to hear his (Corbin) excuses he is sick of them he is sick of outside forces constantly screwing up his chances at the Universal Championship. When he wins the Money In The Bank Contract the power will be in his hands and he guarantess him (Corbin) then Ricochet said honestly them 2 (Corbin and McIntyre / Galloway) can sit there and talk all night about who deserves what or who to blame for who ever’s failures but he didn’t come here to talk then McIntyre / Galloway said then shut up since he (Ricochet) is the new guy he is going to give him some advice stick to the high flying, the impressive aerial manoeuvers and leave the business talk to the grown ups cause if he (Ricochet) doesn’t he will drop him (Ricochet) where he stands. Then Corbin said and while he (McIntyre / Galloway) does that he will climb the ladder and claim his Money In The Bank Contract then McIntyre / Galloway said let him guess he (Corbin) will steal another one of his victories. Corbin said it’s called strategy something that he (McIntyre / Galloway) wouldn’t understand tough guy. McIntyre / Galloway said he is going to drop him (Corbin) where he bloody stands if he doesn’t shut it. Then Corbin and McIntyre / Galloway went face to face with each other. Then Corbin said to the fans well he’s got to listen to them have to say then Strowman said shut up them 2 (Corbin and McIntyre / Galloway) can argue all they want at who’s going to win Money In The Bank when the reality of it is none of them (Corbin, McIntyre / Galloway, Ricochet) have what it takes to stop him Mr Monster In The Bank from winning. So how about a little preview of what’s to come at Money In The Bank them 2 (Corbin and McIntyre / Galloway) VS Ricochet and him because Corbin and McIntyre / Galloway they’re going to get these hands right now. Then Strowman dropped the mic with McIntyre / Galloway and Ricochet taking off their waist jackets and Bliss wisely getting out of the ring when all 4 men went face to face with each other. The first match was a tag team match The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman and The One And Only Ricochet VS The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre / Galloway. Strowman and Ricochet won the match after Corbin tagged himself in when McIntyre / Galloway was about to hit Ricochet with a clay more kick which angered McIntyre / Galloway so much he hit him with a right hand then Ricochet tagged in Strowman who hit Corbin with a power slam then Strowman tagged in Ricochet who went up to the top rope and hit the 630 splash to Corbin for the 3 count and the win after what was a fantastic match between these 4 fantastic wrestlers from start to finish.

The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) came out and made their way to the ring rapping the lyrics of their entrance theme to the fans then they entered the ring where they did more rapping. Then Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out and made their way to the ring for the next match a tag team match The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) VS Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson who like The Usos got traded to RAW from Smackdown in the Superstar Shakeup. The Usos won the match after Jimmy Uso hit the frog splash to Gallows off the top rope for the 3 count and the win after what was a fantastic tag team match between these 2 fantastic tag teams from start to finish with both tag teams giving it their all. After the match The Usos got on the mic where they said there is 1 tag team calling themselves the top guys with a real tough side but eh they got another side. Then told the fans to put their kids to sleep make sure the grandmother’s eyes are closed and keep their throw up in their mouth check it out. Then on the titantron footage was shown from earlier in the day of The Usos where somewhere in the arena where one of them was holding the camera while the other one peeped around the corner to see The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) in the shower where Wilder was washing the shampoo / soap stuff off the back of Dawson which was all being filmed. The Uso watching the whole thing not holding the camera was finding it so funny then he said out loud eh you missed a spot which alerted the attention of The Revival then The Usos got away from The Revival. Afterwards in the ring The Usos was laughing in stitches at what they just saw on the titantron. Then The Revival came out with mics in hand not at all happy with what happened to them earlier in the day calling it an invasion of their privacy. Then they decided to clear the air and be up front with the WWE Universe (the fans). First things first they are men and being men like themselves with Dawson admitting to having hair on his body which he said he can’t hide and how difficult it is for him to reaching every back of his back isn’t always easy calling it a scientific inpossibility where he asks his compadre, team mate, best friend for 20 plus years Wilder to give him a little help where Wilder obliges which he admitted to calling Dawson his best friend in life. They said they have each other’s backs. The Usos questioned The Revival on who shaves who’s back which angered The Revival with Dawson calling Jimmy Uso a sick freak. The Revival told The Usos they’ve had enough of them for now they have a match with the RAW Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins later and once they are done laying out Ryder and Hawkins and disposing with them The Usos better believe they are coming for them then said bye to them. The Usos told The Revival they’ve got a big match tonight against Ryder and Hawkins they understand that they (The Revival) have got a whole lot of manscaping they’ve still got left they understand that too but hey they (The Revival) want to run up too they’re going to get done up too welcome to The Uso Penitentiary. I can’t wait to see The Usos VS The Revival in a tag team match sooner than later.

The Miz came out and made his way to the ring. Once in the ring Miz presented Miz TV and welcomed everybody to Miz TV and said it’s good to have Miz TV back on Monday Night RAW with him still being The A-Lister, the star of the reality US TV Series Miz And Mrs with his wife Maryse and one of the most decorated WWE Champions of all time but this is a whole new era for him since the Superstar Shakeup he has been rejuvenated ready for new challengers and even newer guests. Then he welcomed his first guest back on Monday Night RAW The All Mighty Bobby Lashley who came out and made his way to the ring. Once in the ring Lashley took the mic and sat down with Miz who welcomed Lashley to Miz TV but the fans booed Lashley with Miz jokingly saying Kentucky seems to really like Lashley. Miz welcomed Lashley to Miz TV again and told him he looks great then Lashley rudely cut him off and told Miz he has seen Miz TV before and is going to set some ground rules right now he is only going to be answering the questions that he would like to answer. Miz said and apparantely Lashley now speaks in the third person. Lashley said he thinks Miz needs to watch his tone which Miz seem to take on board. Miz told Lashley about choosing him as the perfect guest for Miz TV’s return to Monday Night RAW it had to be him he means look at him (Lashley) he is one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers to ever come in to a WWE ring he possesses some of the most raw natural talent in all of the WWE. But yet there are some people (fans) that think that he (Lashley) have yet to put it all together and it’s not meant to be an insult Lashley he is just saying some people (fans) are speculating that he (Lashley) may not be reaching his full potential. Lashley said ok they want to talk about his potential. He’s been back in WWE for 1 year and he is already a 2 time Intercontinental Champion. Now Miz what has he done. Then Miz took off his shades and said what has he done Lashley wants to go stat for stat with him. You know the old Miz would have said that he is an 8 time Intercontinental Champion, 7 time Tag Team Champion, 2 time United States Champion, WWE Champion he (Lashley) can check his Wikipedia list on the internet it’s goes on and on and on they been here for a very very very long time. The fans showed Miz their support. Miz said you know they be here for a very long time but nobody is questioning his potential he means if anything he’s an over achiever has he (Lashley) seen his wife Maryse. But Lashley he did all of that without a shred of his (Lashley) athletic ability. Lashley said ok Miz he talks about the things that he’s done. Let’s talk about what he (Miz) didn’t do at WrestleMania 35 oh yeah he wants to talk about when Shane McMahon put a whooping on him (Miz) and his old man his dad George Mizanin. He wants to talk about when Shane O’Mac punched his what was it potato baked potato looking father right in the face and he (Miz) had an opportunity for payback and what he do Miz he screwed it up. No wonder why his (Miz) father thinks he’s worthless. Miz had heard enough and launched himself towards Lashley and striked him in the face then took the fight to Lashley and trapped him in the corner but Lashley quickly broke out of the corner with Miz in his clutches where he rammed him back first in to the other corner where the 2 of them were scrapping with each other. Miz found a way to fight back and break out of the corner then hit Lashley with a boot to the face sending Lashley crashing to the outside of the ring then an irate Miz threw one of the chairs out at Lashley then he picked up the another and thew it at Lashley but Lashley was able to dodge any contact with the chairs. A fired up Miz challenged Lashley to get in the ring with him and fight him. Then a match was made between them with the next match being The Miz VS The All Mighty Bobby Lashley after Lashley disgusting comments about Miz’s father which were totally out of order and totally uncalled for. During the match the theme of Shane McMahon came on and Shane O’Mac came out which distracted Miz momentarly where Lashley tried to take advantage of the distraction and opening but Miz was able to regain his focus on the match and was ready for Lashley coming at him and was able to yank down the top rope to send Lashley flying over the top rope to the floor and the match continued with McMahon watching on from the ramp. Then McMahon ran down to the ring in an attempt to distract Miz again but stopped once Miz turned around and saw him coming once again Lashley tried to take advantage but once again Miz was ready for him and the match continued with McMahon at ringside watching the match. Then McMahon walked on to the steel ring steps which Miz saw coming then a photo of Miz’s father George Mizanin appeared on the titantron which McMahon called for to be put up on the titantron which angered Miz enough for him to go after McMahon which he attempted to hit him but McMahon was too quick for him and got off the ring apron away from Miz’s clutches. Miz mouthed off at McMahon turned around and got caught with a spear from Lashley then Lashley covered him for the 3 count and the win thanks to McMahon who got in the ring and stood side by side with Lashley and showed the fans the winner of the match Lashley. After the match McMahon slapped Miz across the top of the head while he was trying to get ot his feet. Then McMahon kicked Miz in the ribs then put kicks and jabs in to Miz who got up and took McMahon down and put the fists in to him but was quickly swamped on and pulled away by Lashley who tossed Miz away. Miz got up charged at Lashely who caught him picked him up and slammed him down to the mat which pleased McMahon took off his grey leather jacket then put more kicks and jabs in to Miz while Lashley got out of the ring. McMahon flapped his gums while beating Miz down then put him in a triangle choke hold exactly like the one he put on him at Fastlane with McMahon telling Miz to look at the phot of his father on the titantron. But once Miz passed out McMahon got on the mic and said it’s too bad he (Miz) is unconscious right now just remember this he is the best in the world then hit Miz with the mic on the side of the face. Then McMahon dropped the mic on top of Miz looked down at him then got out of the ring took his grey leather jacket then walked up the ramp to the back. Another disgusting, disgraceful, cowardly attack / display from McMahon to Miz.

The Viking Raiders (Ivar and Erik) came out and made their way to the ring where during ring annoucner Mike Rome’s introduction of them they were cowardly attacked from behind by Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik) who were looking for revenge on The Viking Raiders after what The Viking Raiders did to them last week on RAW when they cowardly attacked Lucha House Party which meant their match last week on RAW never even happened. Lucha House Party were able to get the better of The Viking Raiders where they did their revenge on them then the next match was a tag team match The Viking Raiders (Ivar and Erik) VS Lucha House Party (Kalisto and Gran Metalik) with Lince Dorado in Lucha House Party’s corner at ringside in a match that was meant to take place last week on RAW but never happened because of The Viking Raider’s cowardly attack on Lucha House Party. The Viking Raiders won the match after a double team move where Erik popped up Kalisto for Ivar to hit him with a power slam which they call The Viking Experience for the 3 count and the win after what was a good tag team match between these 2 fantastic tag teams where the power of The Viking Raiders shined through in the end. After the match The Viking Raiders grabbed Dorado and yanked him in to the ring after he wasn’t involved in the match. Dorado hit superkicks to both Ivar and Erik then hit both of them with chops to the chest but then he was caught and hit him with a double team move where Erik held him up for Ivar to jump off the middle rope and hit him with a wicked clothesline in to a German suplex. The Viking Raiders stood tall in the ring above their fallen opponents / victims Lucha House Party.

Alexa Bliss came out and presented A Moment Of Bliss on the ramp in front of the entrance this time round where she announced the 4 women from RAW competing in the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Money In The Bank The Queen Of Hearts Natalya who came out with a mic in hand sat next to Bliss and thanked Bliss for the incredible introduction which she said was so sweet of her. She admitted she has never been the RAW Women’s Champion before but after she wins that Money In The Bank Contract everything is going to change. Then Bliss introduced the next competitor who will be competing in her first Money In The Bank Ladder Match Dana Brooke who came out with a mic in hand and stood beside Natalya where she said wow she is so excited for this opportunity and she can’t even believe it’s happening. This is her chance to jump in front of the line because she is sick of being told to wait her turn which she aimed at Natalya who said to Brooke in reply is she trying to say that she has been holding her back because her body language is telling her that. Brooke said no no offence but she (Natalya) is giving every opportunity. Natalya said anybody that starts their sentence off with no offence means to offend Brooke. Brooke said Natalya she’s just given every opportunity. Natalya said everything that she’s gotten here she’s earned. Bliss tried to act as peace maker but it didn’t seem to work. Natalya said everything she’s gotten. Bliss laid down the law and told Natalya and Brooke who’s boss telling them to take their caddy arguments and get them off her show that be great. Then she introduced who is new to Monday Night RAW Naomi who got traded to RAW from Smackdown in the Superstar Shakeup came out with a mic in hand where she said she is a former 2 time Smackdown Women’s Champion and now that she is here on RAW her only focus and goal is to become the RAW Women’s Champion period. So at Money In The Bank she is going to climb that ladder retrieve her Money In The Bank Contract and whoever the RAW Women’s Champion is is going to get all this glow. Brooke said get all this glow opportunities opportunities she’s had no opportunities. Natalya said you know what she’s been waiting for an opportunity as well Naomi yeah they’ve all been waiting for opportunities Brooke said the champ Natalya said she is going to be the champ. Brooke said she is going to get that Money In The Bank Contract with Natalya saying Brooke enough ok she is going to be the champ. Bliss stepped in you know what they (Natalya, Brooke, Naomi) are worse than the men ok them 3 should be ashamed of themselves not only are they interrupting her show but they’re interrupting a very important for another woman on the roster. You know them 3 were the fortunate ones that were given this amazing opportunity and now there’s another woman a colleague of theirs waiting to hear if she gets that same opportunity hoping and praying that she hears her name because this opportunity can change her life. Naomi said who. Bliss said so if they can just stop fighting not for not for her show but for the sentity and dignity of their Women’s Division which Brooke acknowledged with Bliss saying ok thank you after Brooke, Natalya, Naomi took it all on board. Bliss announced the last and final competitor to be competing in representing RAW in the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match will be her which didn’t impress Naomi, Brooke, Natalya with Brooke complaining more about opportunities giving to the likes of Bliss and not her. Natalya was furious as well saying are you kidding me telling Bliss she doesn’t deserve any of this but Bliss was so happy, so delighted, over the moon etc. Then Bliss said yes oh good job. So speaking of opportunity they (Natalya, Brooke, Naomi) all can leave and give the future Miss 2 time Miss Money In The Bank the attention she deserves bye bye now. But Natalya, Brooke, Naomi didn’t leave and Naomi said to Bliss if she’s in Money In The Bank why doesn’t she say they give the WWE Universe (the fans) a little preview tonight her VS her (Bliss) right here and right now. Bliss said you know Naomi she would she she really would but she doesn’t want to. Naomi said why not. Bliss said she’s not even in the right attire she’s not even in the right shoes these are not even her shoes she had to borrow them. Naomi said her (Bliss) shoes is the issue which Bliss said yes to. Then Naomi said well that’s funny because she knows she can beat her (Bliss) with her shoes on or off Miss 5 time Women’s Champion Miss Former Money In The Bank she guesses she (Bliss) might as good as she says she is. Bliss said you know what you’re on which Naomi said good to. Naomi was happy but Bliss not so happy.

The second edition / episode of Firefly Fun House was shown after it made it’s debut last week on Smackdown with Bray Wyatt wearing a painter’s red hat like a painter you would see out in the streets in Paris the capital of France where he was painting a picture on a stand with a flower plant in a pot on a brown table next to him. Wyatt looked at the camera and said bonjour which if French for hello then said he loves to paint. Painting is a way for him to ah express his supressed feelings and when you’re expressing yourself. He showed off his painting skills then said no one can ever truly hurt you. Then a furry puppet appeared from underneath the table next to the flower plant which looked like a bunny that spoke to Wyatt like a human being asking him about him painting. Wyatt called the puppet Ramblay Rabbit who he told he is sure painting then asked him would he to see Rabbit said yes. Wyatt showed him the painting then he turned the painting towards the camera and the painting was something on fire on the ground which was a house on fire with someone trapped inside the burning house with noises of a fire and a person screaming inside the burning house. Wyatt put the painting up on the wall next to the other painting of a lady doll with long black hair. Then the black widow doll appeared who said hey this is not time for games. Wyatt took off his painter hat and said yowee wowee then told Rabbit he better run Abbey The Witch is awake then he had a look of smiling shock on his face. Rabbit made his escape to safety. Wyatt threw away his painter hat and moved towards Abbey The Witch who said what did I tell you about fooling around in the fun house. You haven’t learnt your lesson from last time did you at Wyatt who was looking at her. She told him he was a very bad boy which took him by surprise then told her to take it easy that’s all in the past. Besides he is really sorry for what he did he means all of the fans forgive him right then the kids cheered yes at him. Abbey said fine just get down while she’s trying to get her beauty rest which Wyatt took on board and left her and told everyone to sssshhhhh then said Abbey is a bit of a sociopath which the kids laughed at and Rabbit appeared again and said is a sociopath like a word of the day or something. Wyatt said you know what Ramblay Rabbit he thinks he’s right sociopath is the word of the day. The word sociopath appeared on the screen in block capital letters with Wyatt spelling the world out then saying the word. Then Wyatt said he thinks that’s all the time they have for today which left the kids disappointed. But remember my fireflies as always I’ll like the way and all you have to do is let me in see ya bye thank you and that was the end of the second episode of Firefly Fun House.

The next match was from the RAW Women’s Division Naomi VS Alexa Bliss who was competing in her first match in a ring in quite a few months since her last match against then RAW Women’s Champion The Baddest Woman On The Planet Rowdy Ronda Rousey at Hell In A Cell in September last year.
Naomi won the match after she hit Bliss with the rear view then hit her with the split legged moonsault for the 3 count and the win after what was a good match between these 2 fantastic female wrestlers from start to finish.

Backstage in the locker room The Master Of The 619 Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic were talking to each other like men when Charly Caruso showed up to talk to Mysterio ahead of his match against The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe for the United States Championship in a rematch from WrestleMania 35 where Joe beat Mysterio in a 1 minute and a few seconds in quick time. Mysterio admitted it’s not easy being his size living in a world of giants you get knocked down so many times but he’s got to get right back up. At WrestleMania 35 he really felt embarrassed saying he felt like he let the WWE Universe (the fans) down, his friends down, his family down, most importantly this young man right here his son Dominic. You know but he’s got to leave that in the past and he’s got to move ahead. He knows he’s a better man and tonight he is going to prove it against Joe. Dominic fired up his dad.

RAW Women’s Champion and Smackdown Women’s Champion The Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch came out and made her way to the ring. Once in the ring Lynch was greeted with Becky chants from the fans. Then Charly Caruso said to Lynch last week on Smackdown she made a decision that most people / fans would call impulsive just moments after The Queen Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley of The Boss & Hug Connection for a future title opportunity at the Smackdown Women’s Championship she announed that at Money In The Bank pay-per-view she be defending both of her titles. The fans chanted Becky 2 Belts a few times. Caruso asked Lynch why would she do this. Lynch said she thinks the fans are answering that for her (Caruso). The fans continued chanting Becky 2 Belts. Lynch said yeah there ain’t nothing impulsive. After the journey that she’s had to get these (the RAW Women’s Championship and the Smackdown Women’s Championship) there is nothing impulsive about what she is doing. Right so the way that she looks at it is she’s got 2 options she can just try and protect all that she has or she can fight all and she only knows how to fight. Caruso pointed out to Lynch by defending both of her championships in a single night she is greatly reducing the odds of retaining then Lynch said odds does she (Caruso) think she would be standing here as the double champ if she cared about odds. Now now let’s look at this a year ago a year ago nobody thought that she could main event WrestleMania but she did. The fans chanted Becky numerous times. Lynch said and a month ago The Baddest Woman On The Planet Rowdy Ronda Rousey was unbeaten. Many maybe they’re not here tonight but many thought she was unbeatable until she beat her to become Becky 2 Belts. The fans chanted Becky 2 Belts numerous times. Lynch said so these these people (the fans) know her whole career has been a long shot but believe her nothing that she has done has been by accident and so for months for months she ran her mouth about how Flair was holding Divisions hostage and how she would holding titles hostage so there is no way she is doing that now as double champ even even if it puts her at a huge disadvantage. So you can talk about you can talk about impulses and and odds but just remember this she didn’t make history by dodging anybody she made it by beating everybody. So she says bring on her opponents Flair who still has the pedigree, she still has championship DNA, all the tools but she still has her number and The Sassy Southern Belle Lacey Evans that plank she is a tremendous athlete with a great right hand but she’s making a big mistake by punching someone who likes it. Now now she never knows where her (Evans) sneak attacks are coming from but she’ll tell her (Caruso) this and she will tell Evans this she’ll tell her (Evans) exactly where and when her beating is coming and that’s at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Caruso told Lynch she obviously really respects her confidence but she (Lynch) mentioned the right hand of Evans does she think what they saw last week on RAW might be just a little preview what they can expect out of her match with Evans at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Footage was shown on the titantron of last week on RAW when Lynch beat Alicia Fox aka Rihanna in a non title match then as soon as the match was done Evans entered the ring and cowardly hit Lynch with a right hand in the face then Evans hit Lynch with a second woman’s right. Afterwards Lynch said yeah that that that wasn’t a preview that was a reminder she’s going to take the mic now from Caruso which she did do without too much of a fuss then said so Evans if she’s not too busy back there currying favours or whatever it is that she does how about she comes out here and she gives her (Evans) a little payback. How about she (Evans) comes out here and she’ll remind her exactly who she is dealing with then Lynch dropped the mic. The fans chanted Becky numerous times. Evans’ theme came on and Evans came out with a mic in hand where she said on the ramp well isn’t just like a man to want but he wants when he wants it. Lord she can see that Irish temper of hers (Lynch) bubbling up in her from here honey. Now she is trying her best not to lose her manners but she warned her (Lynch) last week on RAW to not allow her emotions to get the best of her sweetheart and she (Lynch) didn’t listen so she’s done talking. Evans got rid of the mic and made her way towards the ring and Lynch got out of the ring to meet Evans outside the ring and the 2 women fought and scrapped with each other. Then referees including John Cone came out to break up the brawl between Lynch and Evans where they were able to separate the 2 of them but then Lynch and Evans broke free and brawled with each other again. The referees had to work hard to separate the 2 women then security men including former WWE wrestler Jamie Noble, former WCW and WWE wrestler Fit Finlay came out to help the referees out in keeping Lynch and Evans apart from each other. But Lynch found a way to break free and went right after Evans again and the brawl was on again. The other security guy with Noble and Finlay I think was former TNA wrestler The Guru Sonjay Dutt but I could be wrong and that could have easily have been a lookalike of Dutt. Referees and security men separated them again but then again Evans and Lynch broke free and brawled again so the referees and security had to try to separate them again with the fans chanting let them fight numerous times. Evans was escorted up the ramp whereas Lynch was kept up on the ring apron and the brawl was eventually was stopped.

The next match was a tag team match RAW Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins VS The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) in a non title match. Ryder and Hawkins won the match after Ryder caught Dawson in a backslide for the 3 count and the win after what was a good tag team match between these 2 fantastic tag teams from start to finish.

Backstage The Miz was met by the blonde female interviewer who asked him for his response to Shane McMahon costing him his match against The All Mighty Bobby Lashley and then McMahon rendering him unconscious in the ring. Miz said really is the best in the world isn’t he (McMahon). Shane O’Mac made this personally continues to drag his dad George Mizanin in to this. That’s why they fought all over MetLife Stadium at WrestleMania 35. But at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view he says they stay and fight in the ring. So how does he respond to McMahon by challenging McMahon to a Steel Cage Match then Miz walked away from the blonde female interviewer.

The Underdog From The Underground Sami Zayn came out and made his way to the ring. Once in the ring Zayn said you know last week on RAW he came out and he was kind enough to share some images of how beautiful his life is outside of the toxic prison walls of WWE and he just wants to clarify something the joy he’s been experiencing isn’t just cause he went on a couple of lovely trips it’s because over the last 9 months recovering from shoulder surgery he did a lot of soul searching. He did a lot of deep intrespection. He had time to rekindle his love for for a variety of subjects like history and and sociology and psychology things that make us understand the human condition and it’s funny cause especially with regards to psychology it really helped him make sense of you people (the fans). In fact there’s one psychological concept that really stuck with him and he thinks the fans will agree that it really does pertain to all of them can we just put it up here for a moment on the titantron which read PSYCHOLOGICAL ENTITLEMENT Psychological entitlement refers to a general belief that one deserves more or is entitled to more than others where he said ok so he’s obviously dumbed it down a little for the fans and put it in big block letters for the fans. But the concept is basically psychological entitlement psychological entitlement refers to a general belief that one deserves more or is entitled to more than others sound familiar yeah yeah boo because maybe it hits a little too close to home right. So it’s almost not the fans’ fault it’s almost not their fault but it is because for years the fans have been fed the lie that the customer is always right and there’s a number of reasons why the fans believe this a number of reasons this lie has been put on to them mainly social and economic reasons which he is not even going to bother trying to explain here cause trust him not one person will understand it in Lexington, Kentucky. We both know he is right. The point is the fans have come to think that what they feel is correct and that whatever they want should be giving to them. In fact if they don’t get exactly what they want exactly when they want it exactly how they want it they throw a fit, these little baby tantrums. Last week flying home at the airport at 4 in the morning this souless father walks up with his 5 year old son and he pushes him along to be saying go on son ask him ask him and the little boy asks him to sign one of his action figures. Now naturally he said no and he burst in to tears and he cried and he ran in to daddy’s arms now do do the fans think that made him feel good they they honestly think that made him feel good ok that says a lot more about the fans than they realise cause it didn’t make him feel good actually it made him sick and the reason it made him sick more than anything is because this kid already at age 5 has already been taught that he is owed something. At age 5 he already thinks he owes him something guess what junior he doesn’t owe him anything just the same way he doesn’t own any one of the fans a damn thing. He thinks he’s been more than generous he thinks 3 shoulder surgeries and 17 years of 5 star classic matches is pretty good no he thinks he’s been pretty fair. So from here on out the fans get whatever he give them understood. That is the new dynamic of this relationship he will give them and they will sit there and take whatever he’s kind enough to give them. It’s it’s so funny cause he’s got people / fans coming up to him and attacking him left and right in saying you know um eh if you like WWE you know you should just quit yeah if you don’t like it here you know just quit. If you like that is that what the fans want they want him to quit WWE. Hey trust him believe him when he tells the fans that quitting WWE would be amazing it would be amazing but you know what would be just a little bit more amazing is coming out here week after week and holding every one single of the fans accountable for their actions, coming out here week after week and calling them out on their crap, coming out here week after week and being the critic of the critics that’s right the critic of the critics for far too long they have been drunk with power and nobody’s had the courage to stand up to them but it is high time that he takes the power back. Then he dropped the mic while holding his left arm up then had his final say at the fans then he got out of the ring. I must say what a complete waste of time that was and once again the way Zayn spoke to the fans was nothing short of disgusting, disgraceful, completely and totally out of order and he was completely and totally out of orders with his comments towards the fans because the fans don’t deserve to be spoken to like that and to be treated like that at all and if I were The McMahons and Triple H I would punish and fine Zayn for the way he spoke to the fans and when are they going to properly deal with Zayn over this because this can’t carry on.

Shane McMahon said on Twitter that he accepts The Miz’s challenge for a Steel Cage Match at Money In The Bank where he said in his Tweet Challenge accepted, @mikethemiz. Looking forward to delivering another “Best in the World” beating. #MITB

United States Champion The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe came out and made his way to the ring. Once in the ring Joe got on the mic and said now The Master Of The 619 Rey Mysterio he managed to watch that segment earlier with him and his son Dominic it was very touching but he noticed something you see his son tells him that he loves him but his actions say something very very different you see when he looks at Dominic he looks at a son who is ashamed. He looks at a son who is ashamed of how quickly he put him (Mysterio) to sleep at WrestleMania 35 and in fact Mysterio if he’s any kind of decent father he would have got Dominic a match just like his so he can hide that shame in public. But Mysterio tonight mask won’t save him from him and last week on RAW The Phenomenal AJ Styles used him to steal his Universal Title opportunity. In fact he should be signing that contract tonight and for his transgretions against him tonight Mysterio there will be a reckoning and rest assured if he thought what he did to him at WrestleMania 35 was bad oh Mysterio tonight will make that pale in comparison. Then Joe dropped the mic. Mysterio’s theme came on and Mysterio came out and made his way to the ring for the next match United States Champion The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe VS The Master Of The 619 Rey Mysterio in a non title match. Mysterio won the match after he stacked Joe up for the 3 count and the win after what was a really good match between these 2 fantastic wrestlers from start to finish. Mysterio’s son Dominic came out and joined in on the celebration on the ramp with a livid Joe watching on. Dominic somehow was able to hoist up his dad on his shoulders which was nothing short of impressive to see.

RAW commentator Michael Cole was standing in the ring with a black table, black leather seats, mics on the table in the ring where he proceeded over the contract signing for the Universal Championship Match between Universal Champion The Architect / The Kingslayer / The Beast Slayer Seth Rollins and The Phenomenal AJ Styles at Money In The Bank between 2 wrestlers who many believe are the best in ring performers of their generation will clash for the very first time in WWE. Cole first introduced Styles who came out and made his way to the ring. Then Cole introduced Rollins who came out and made his way to the ring. Once both wrestlers were in the ring Cole informed both Rollins and Styles tonight they make it official with the contract signing. He started off with Styles asking him what would winning the Universal Championship mean to him as he continues to build his legacy here in WWE. Styles said that’s the whole reason why he came to RAW Cole. You see Smackdown was good to him for 2 years 2 amazing years Smackdown was the house that AJ Styles built and he’s proud of that. But this is RAW this is where it’s at this is where the craziest fans at are on RAW he knows that. And Rollins he always liked him known him many years good guy. But he’s got something he wants the Universal Championship he wants the Universal Championship and him (Rollins) and him both know when you want something bad enough you’ll do some unexpected things to get it. But like he’s said before winners find a way and you sir (Rollins) are a winner you are the Universal Champion. But like he said he’s known him (Rollins) for many years and how many times hasn’t been said that Rollins will be the new Styles so many times. He’s stronger, faster, younger. Here’s the hard truth Rollins he will never be The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Rollins said hey you know what Styles he’s right there is only one Styles and truth be told as much of a compliment as it is he never wanted to be the next Styles, anybody he always wanted to be the first Seth Freakin’ Rollins. So he appreciates the compliment, enthusiasm but man look around him (Styles) things are different here the ropes they’re red, that’s eh that’s not Tom Phillips that’s Michael Cole. This is not Smackdown the house that he (Styles) built this is Monday Night Rollins and so he’s (Styles) right and he respects every single thing he (Styles) did on Smackdown it was phenomenal. But he’s (Styles) gonna have to be better than phenomenal if he wants to take this title (the Universal Championship) from him at Money In The Bank. Styles said you see he knows how much that Universal Championship means to him (Rollins) he knows everything he (Rollins) went through to get there he ran himself ragged. Eh correct him if he is wrong weren’t he (Rollins) obsessed with like showing he was the work horse, a thorough bread but at what cost. Eh here’s his question Rollins how’s he holding up. Yeah how’s he holding up he asked that Rollins. The fans chanted burn it down a few times. Styles said oh he has no doubt him and Rollins will burn it down and he will build it back up. Speaking of how you’re feeling and how you’re holding up he asked that because well his (Rollins) little team his little brotherhood The Shield with The Big Dog Roman Reigns and The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose they’re not here to keep him going, hold him up Rollins not anymore and don’t get him wrong he (Rollins) went through hell at WrestleMania 35 against The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. The problem is he just doesn’t think he (Rollins) has much left. But him but him Rollins he’s ready to go now. You see this shirt you see this this slogan here never rest never rust. You see he’s going to be that bulldog nipping at his (Rollins) heels and at Money In The Bank he’s going to latch on, sink his teeth in and he’s not going to let go until he’s standing over him (Rollins) as the new Universal Champion. Styles put down the mic and signed the contract. Rollins said he (Rollins) doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying Styles so let him spell it out for him look they they have a lot of things in common they really do. But there’s also a lot of differences between them he (Styles) knows he (Styles) said it earlier he likes to build things up well he likes to burn them down and while their success stories maybe very similar as well there’s one thing that separates us one thing that he’s done that he’s (Styles) never done he beat Lesnar he beat Lesnar and that’s why he’s standing here holding this and he’s (Styles) standing there trying to take it (the Universal Championship) away from him. He (Styles) wants to know how he’s holding up how he’s doing ask Lesnar cause he was at his best when he beat him at WrestleMania 35 and he will be at his best at Money In The Bank when he beats him (Styles). Rollins put down the mic and signed the contract making the match between him and Styles official for the Universal Championship at Money In The Bank. Styles picked up the Universal Championship while Cole got out of the ring since his job was done there. Styles looked at the Universal Championship with Rollins watching on then the 2 men exchanged words with each other. Styles handed the Universal Championship to Rollins who took it from him without any hassle or incident. Styles put his hand out for a handshake but Rollins instead just held up the Universal Championship to Styles with more words exchanged between them. Then Styles punched Rollins out of the blue catching him off guard then Styles put the fists in to Rollins. Then Styles took off his waist jacket then went towards Rollins who fought back at him with a punch, a knee shot to the midrift, a boot to the face knocking Styles out of the ring. Then Rollins hit a suicide dive through the ropes to Styles then got back in the ring and dared Styles to get back in the ring and fight him. Rollins picked up the Universal Championship went towards the ropes where Styles appeared on the ring apron and hit Rollins with a forearm smash to the face then he jumped up on to the top rope and hit the Phenomenal Forearm to Rollins sending him crashing through the table. Styles got up and stood tall over Rollins.

That wraps up RAW from The Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. RAW next week will take place at The US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

So WWE fans please feel free to read, like, comment, share, vent your spleens and give your opinions and views on all the things that happened on RAW last night in my RAW Recap. If you like what I brought up here great but if you don’t like what I have brought up on here then tough luck.


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