NXT 1/5/19

Here are the match results, my match ratings and review for NXT 1/5/19





The Forgotten Sons defeated Oney Lorcan,  Danny Burch & Humberto Carrillo




Dominick Dijakovic defeated Mansoor





Kushida defeated Kassius Ohno




This is probably the best weekly show WWE produce. They actually have storylines and each match on this show had some sort of reason for taking place and a story attached to it. I am liking Forgotten Sons more every time I see them. I am a huge fan of Dijakovic (check out the interview he did with us), he has everything you need to be a huge star in this industry. He was impressive here but I did think he should of completely dominated this match. Instead he gave a lot of offence too Mansoor. I am looking forward to seeing more of the rivalry they have started with Dijakovic and The Velveteen Dream. There is no reason why he could become the next North American Champion. So the big part of this show was the debut of Kushida. Now while I am a fan of his work in Japan and I know he is extremely talented. I don’t have the faith in the WWE to book him in a way that compliments his talents. Just look at how they treated Itami, Nakamura and Asuka. At least it does seem for now they are going with his Back To The Future gimmick, I think it could really work but I doubt he will be allowed to use that if he ever gets moved to the main roster. Also you have to think that Ohno will be one of those that will never see the main roster. He appears to be the guy that has to try and help get new talent over in NXT. I am looking forward to next week with Cole vs Riddle also I like that they are teasing a split with The Undisputed Era. My only problem is that it seems they are using Cole as another talent that helps others get over and are never going to see him as “The Guy” for this roster.


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