Here is the match results, my match ratings and review for Impact Wrestling 3/5/19





Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams




Rosemary vs Kiera Hogan (Match Thrown Out Due To Interference)





Fenix defeated Eddie Edwards






Michael Elgin defeated Johnny Impact & Pentagon JR

MATCH RATING:⭐️⭐️⭐️3/4




I thought I would try once again to give weekly Impact shows a try after being extremely impressed with their Rebellion PPV. This was a really fun show. I liked every storyline they are telling and the characters that are evolving. The show started with a very generic in ring talking segment. First Elgin came out and explained why he attacked Cage at Rebellion. Then he was interrupted by Johnny Impact who wanted his rematch for the title. They were both interrupted by Konnan who is now representing Pentagon JR. Then Impact went for Konann and out can Pentagon. The three brawled and after they were finally separated by security. A match was made for the main event with these three guys with the winner becoming the new number one contender. Another good win for the extremely impressive Ace Austin over Petey Williams. They are clearly building him to be a contender for the X Division  Championship and why not a future champion. The continuation of the feud between Rosemary and Su Yung took  another turn as Su Yung interfered in the contest between Rosemary and Kiera Hogan. As Hogan retreated, Yung and her Undead Bridesmaids beat down Rosemary then they freed the Undead Maid Of Honour from her chains she was put in by Rosemary. I do enjoy the TNA Flashbacks, this weeks was arguably the best moment in the history of the company. The debut of Kurt Angle and the head butt heard around the world. The best part was the fans going absolutely ballistic throughout the whole segment. So they are using the old “Champion abusing power” skit with Taya as she is exercising  every loop hole in her contract so she doesn’t have to defend the Knockouts championship. While it’s been done many times before at least they are trying to do something with her reign. The  short LAX Club House Sketch was enjoyable a like how they are developing their characters. I’m not to keen on Eddie Edwards acting like a crazy person it is just too forced for me but as for Killer Kross he plays his character perfectly and after he cost Eddie the match against Fenix I am intrigued to see where a feud with the two will go. Who doesn’t love Rob Van Dam. He was brilliant in his segment with Ethan Page who equally did a great job in being fed to RVD. After a short in ring talking segment between the two where they both insulted each other Page was yet another victim of a Van Daminator. They put together a nice video package for the moment the torch was passed from Gail Kim to Tessa Blanchard and it seems now Tessa is a Babyface and will go on to challenge Taya for the title at some point. The main event was really very good and definitely worth watching but it was quite predictable that Elgin would win his first match in Impact Wrestling. With Four good matches and excellent storytelling this was in my opinion a very good show. I can see why many are saying that Impact is the best wrestling show on TV.

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