NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Day 8 Results & Standings

Here are the Results from Day 8 & Current Block Standings after today’s show.


El Phantasmo defeated Ren Narita (B)

Titan defeated Taka Michinoku (A)

Bushi defeated Robbie Eagles (B)

Jonathan Gresham defeated Tiger Mask (A)

Yoh defeated Douki (B)

Sho defeated Marty Scurll (A)

Rysuke Taguchi defeated Rocky Romero (B)

Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated Taiji Ishimori (A)

Will Ospreay defeated Bandido (B)

Shingo Takagi defeated Dragon Lee (A)




Shingo Takagi- 10 Points

Taiji Ishimori- 8 Points

Jonathan Gresham- 6 Points

Tiger Mask- 4 Points

Marty Scurll- 4 Points

Dragon Lee- 4 Points

Titan- 4 Points

Sho- 4 Points

Yoshinobu Kanemaru- 4 Points

Taka Michinoku- 0 Points




El Phantasmo- 10 Points

Rysuke Taguchi- 8 Points

Will Ospreay- 8 Points

Robbie Eagles- 6 Points

Yoh- 6 Points

Bushi- 4 Points

Douki- 2 Points

Rocky Romero-  2 Points

Bandido- 2 Points

Ren Narita- 0 Points


A full review of the entire tournament will be done once BOSJ has finished.




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