RAW IS WAR 18th October 1999

After what went down at the end of No Mercy the night before it was not surprising that The Rock was in the ring at the beginning of the show. He was at the end of cutting a typical Rock promo when out came Austin, he was not happy after last night at No Mercy when The Rock cost him the title. Just as they were about to fight Vince came out he then called out Triple H and informed the Champ he would be facing both The Rock and Austin at Survivor Series.

Kane & XPac defeated The Dudley Boyz after a distraction from The Headbangers

Backstage Vince gave The Hollys a tag team title shot against The Rock n Sock Connection for later on in the night.

The Bossman challenged TheBig Show to a match for the Hardcore Championship shortly after backstage The Big Show accepted The Bossman’s challenge for the Hardcore Championship.

Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah had an interview with Micheal Cole. Mae told Moolah that she wants a shot at the title. Moolah, the champ attacked her and the two had to be split up by Security

Mark Henry had his 4th Sex Therapy Session and was jumped on by the rather large female Therapist.

Viscera with Mideon defeated The Godfather with The Hoes

Mr Hughes and Finkel played Poker with The Acolytes but it ended with a naked Hughes and Finkel being owned by The Acolytes

Mankind was looking for The Rock backstage he tells him they have to defend the tag titles but The Rock is not interested. Foley gives The Rock a Signed copy of his book as a gift.

After beating Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Championship last night at No Mercy, Chyna along with Miss Kitty called out any man that had the balls to challenge her. Her request was answered by Chris Jericho. After Jericho told Chyna exactly how he felt about her being the champion he was quickly dispatched over the announce table by Chyna.

Test defeated The Bulldog via DQ due to interference from the Mean Street Posse. All four men proceeded to beat down Test after the match.

Al Snow found the book Mick gave to Rock in the bin. He then told Mick which lead to a very furious Mankind calling The Rock a Son of a Bitch and then he told The Rock he was done with him after tonight.

Val Venis defeated Al Snow

The Big Show was not coming out to the ring instead he was crying backstage. Bossman waiting in the ring was awarded the match via forfeit. We then find out that Big Shows Daddy is dead. But later we discover (thanks to GTV) it’s all a lie made up by the Bossman.

New Age Outlaws defeated The Acolytes

The Hardys , Edge and Christian beat down Gangrel in the ring. None of them wanted to be part of his Brood anymore.


The Hollys defeated The Rock n Sock Connection after Triple H hit a Pedigree on The Rock behind the Referee’s back. Then as HHH made his escape he was attacked from behind by Austin and then The Rock got a small bit of revenge on The Game. For the entire match and after Mankind sat depressed on the steps not getting involved in any of the action.

WCW NITRO 18th October 1999

Juventud Gurrera vs Evan Karagias didn’t get a chance to start because for some reason they felt the need to have Bret Hart cut a promo. He wanted Hogan but out came Sting. He gave Hart a shot at World title tonight.

Disco Inferno defeated Vampiro

Lash Leroux was on commentary, after the match he attacked Disco from behind.

There was a weird Seven video package of him talking to a child through a bedroom window.


The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr & Konnan) defeated Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray)

Meng defeated Hugh Morris

The Outsiders showed up during the match in the crowd (both acting intoxicated) Fans didn’t care about the match once The Outsiders appeared.

The whole show Sid Viscous was in discussions with Lawyers. Later during a promo in the ring he told Goldberg the match at Halloween Havoc is not taking place. Goldberg hits the ring takes out one Lawyer with a spear, Sid then connects with a boot and follows up with a Power Bomb to Goldberg. Then he tells Goldberg he will kick his ass at Halloween Havoc.

Whilst this is all going on The Outsiders still front row found it all very funny. Goldberg didn’t and got in to a scrap with The Outsiders. The Outsiders were then escorted out the building and found very creative ways throughout the rest of the night to sneak back in. Goldberg however spent the rest of the show tearing through backstage looking for Sid.

Berlyn defeated Rick Steiner thanks to a chair shot from The Bodyguard after Brad Armstrong caused a distraction, An unhappy Steiner beat Armstrong all the way to the back.

Hot girl in hotel room, Flair comes out the bathroom Wooooo !!!

Billy Kidman defeated David Flair

Evening Gown Match

Mona defeated Madusa


Sting defeated Bret Hart thanks to interference from Lex Luger

LA Parka defeated Buff Bagwell with a kick to the leg. Buff laid down for LA Parka then took a shot at Russo on the headset saying “Is there anyone else you want me to lay down for ?” Jeff Jarrett returned to WCW after losing at WWF No Mercy the night before to Chyna and he hit Buff with a guitar.

Triple Threat Match

Chavo Guerrero defeated Perry Saturn & Eddie Guerrero

Hardcore Match

Norman Smiley defeated Horace

An angry Ric Flair called out The Filthy Animals and the whole gang hit the ring. They beat down Ric and his son David leaving both a bloody mess.

Lex finds Liz out cold in the dressing room.

Goldberg defeated Lex Luger

Leading up to the finish of this match, Sting hit Goldberg with a baseball bat, Bret ran in and attacked Sting and The Outsiders were on the ramp drinking Cough Medicine.


Even with the entire episode of Nitro being absolutely abysmal and the majority of Raw being pretty awful it was the stars on both shows and the unquestionable genius of Mick Foley that I can without a doubt say that the storytelling, characters and promos were so much better 20 years ago but as for in ring which I know that’s what a lot of fans judge wrestlers on today then I would have to say it’s very close.

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