Pre Show thoughts: Can’t wait to see what new storyline they have for the Number 1 Draft pick of Raw. She will now get to prove to everyone if she is as good as I’m constantly being told she is. Come on she is the Number 1 pick of The Flagship Show, The Longest Running Weekly Episodic TV SHOW !! Monday Night Raw.This show will be built around her as the number one draft pick. They would of had a huge story ready to go sometime back when they decided to make her the number 1 draft pick the most important pick as we were told on multiple occasions last week.

Start: Flair promo. He said SAUDI !!!

Drew McIntyre defeated Ricochet

Match was too long, No Story, No point just two guys Wrestling.

Ric Flair interview while match going on, drunk Flair rambling is more entertaining than this match.

Who is Dio Maddin ?

The O.C. Can’t Get The Smoke in Cleveland

Aleister Black promo

Black Squashed Jason Reynolds Cleveland’s Finest


No sight or mention of the Number 1 Draft Pick ?



KINGS COURT with Rusev

RUSEV Telling idiot fans to stop WHAT chant at Jerry.

Andrade (debut on Raw) defeated Sin Cara means without face Andrade needed help to beat Sin Botch Job Cara

What the fuck is Humberto wearing ? Last costume in the Luchador/Latino section ?

R Truth creeping. New 24/7 Champ Bollywood Boy !!!

Viking Raiders defeated Hawkins & Ryder no pyro.

No Sight or Mention of Number 1 Draft Pick..

Restaurant Brawl, Rusev arrested.

Rey Mysterio arm in sling promo this segment is crying for a heel to interfere and we get ……………



Cue generic Paul Heyman Promo.

Shelton Benjamin is angry that Cain gets title shot, like he is next in line.

Cain Velasquez comes to the ring and has a shit MMA style brawl with Shelton

Wrestling Fans Don’t want to watch MMA fight if they did we would watch UFC.

Seth Rollins wants a match with Humberto Carrillo.

Cleveland Brown dressed as Scott Steiner.

Seth Rollins defeated Humberto Carrillo

30 mins left no number 1 Draft pick, not one woman’s match on the show yet

Truth can’t get the title back.

Street Profits big mystery partner to face the O.C. that they have been building up since last week and all through this entire episode is No one so just a tag match.

Owens comes out at the end hits stunner on AJ who was being thrown out of the match for interference in a match he was booked in ?

Street Profits defeat The O.C.

No Women’s matches on show. It was a nice change not having to watch them botch their way through three hours.

No Number One Draft Pick , No The Man, No Becky Lynch ?

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