Lucha Brothers defeated Private Party

Fun spot fest. Always good to have an opening match like this but maybe one too many springboards

SCU defeated The Dark Order

This match should of happened later in the show got boring quick shouldn’t of had two tag matches back to back

Inner Circle arrived through the crowd and went to a private box during the last match. My interest then was on what Jericho was doing rather than what was going on in the ring.

Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela

A very good match. But no story or character development came from this so it was just a match that people will quickly forget about. Both guys don’t really stand out, both need to do a lot more work on character building.

Cody had an interview in the ring, Inner Circle interrupting with horns were absolutely hilarious.


I saw Lots of empty seats during this segment. They need to try harder to not show them it doesn’t look good on tv.

Dustin came out

MJF came out

Jericho Scarf dig.

DDP came out.

Brawl in the concourse

Young Bucks defeated Best Friends

Orange Cassidy cameo was the highlight of this entire match. After watching two very similar tag matches back to back, a third was really hard work.

Britt Baker defeated Jamie Hayter

Match was good but went far too long.

What’s up with Brandi ? Why did she attack Hayter ?

PAC vs Jon Moxley Ended in a Time Limit Draw

This was the best way to end this match, this was a good way to build this feud as it should be on a PPV.

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