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Reviews from shows we have attended or seen on tv.

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NXT 4/11/15 ‘One Match Show’

This show was clearly all about the Main Event with NXT champion Finn Balor defending his title against Apollo Crews. Four matches in a one hour show is okay but the number of enhancement matches they have every show is starting to annoy me a bit. Asuka Defeated Cameron- This was a quick match Cameron got one or two shots […]

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Raw 2/11/15 ‘Pointless Filler Crap’

Another show that if you missed it you really didn’t miss much. Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler- Owens was able to Pop Up Powerbomb  Dolph after Ziggler was distracted by Tyler Breeze. After the match Breeze attacked Ziggler so I guess these two will be squaring of in the near future. The problem I had with this segment was that neither Ziggler or Owens benefited this […]